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big hands-boys for pleasant-hops!
very very nice!!

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I totally don't understand these ads.

Surely if the woman's breasts got larger, then the man's hands would feel smaller?

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are u kind of stupid?????? men grew bigger hands just to feel them better

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Uma Thurman in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues meets Gael García Bernal in The Science of Sleep.

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i think i love this AD

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An older ad but it's simply fantastic!

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How do you show a product (a boulder holder) without actually showing it?
We don't need to see the joke repeated over and over again.
I'm getting tired of this whole trend of showing three exact same executions of an idea. Granted they run in different pubs ("publications" for you non-Americans) at different times, it gets pretty monotonous quickly...

This also pales in comparison to one of my all-time favorite Wonderbra ads.
The one that just said in large type: Jesus.
It actually lets you participate in visualizing the effect of wearing the product.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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But, you have to remember the consumer will not see the three ads together. They will see it on Monday, than on Friday, and the third maybe never.

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that's NO EXCUSE for lazy creatives. wonderbra is the cheapest, easiest assignment ever. it only proves you can make a big tit joke, not be even slightly creative.

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i absolutely love these ad

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2 simple 2 lovely.

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the best print ad which was based on the hand/arm was done by Hustler long time ago. you guys remmber that one. the guy's right arm had turned into a body builder's arm. :) that was understandable, but this is.... it does not make any sense. and I guess the best wonderbra was print was on Archive... everyone was staring to "something" that we don't see on the layout.. :)))

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C'mon! these ads are really good! A simple and elegant art direction for a witty fresh idea. I don't think this is another big tit joke and that's the point: they did something different for a classic award winning brand changing the approach. Love it.

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