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Thatguy2's picture

Looks like a silver to me?
Nice craft.

Beatboxer's picture

Looks like a green, to me.
I dunno...

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Battaman's picture

looks like a picture of the rain forest to me! and the dotted line means that the human destroys the forest. sorry guys, i don't understand it! what is the relation to deep-frozen foods!?

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ODoyle's picture

Looks like shit to me... I mean am I eating forest trees for dinner? is this an ad for de-forestation?... is this food for big green giants?

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justaguy's picture

No guys, green giant is a producer of vegetables, like broccoli? And the dotted line is from the pack, you know like to open it??????

CC3's picture

Are you kidding? What a leap. If that is the case this is a totally weak idea. Totally disconnected. I don't see a rain forest as fresh for eating.

justagay's picture

thanks, i thought it was a catfish in an envelope.

SirFar's picture

That still makes no sense. So what's inside the bag? Trees or broccoli?

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L mom's picture

it has no logic in it.... am i eating trees?.. aggghhhhhggg.. and they don't even look like broccoli at all...

L mom
TR's picture

Hahahaha it means: Cut along dotted line and destroy the nature

nycCreative's picture

bottom line is that the whole 'dotted line' approach has been done...sorry, next...

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erm.. kill me, I'm batman?
Just givin it a try.

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i think this is irrelevant... i don't get it.

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creative and art directors both couldnt get it right - MAHN.

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weird3's picture

You guys are so clueless, the dotted line is obviously the perforation on the bag of frozen veggies, I love the concept, it's daring and "out of the box", and the color in this photo is brilliant.

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Your either joking or you are responsible for this work. Daring and out of the box? please

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mhmmmmmmmmmmmmm, can't wait to bite into this mossy, woody broccoli, full of tiny, albuminous animals.

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at least it hasn't been done before =)

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yeah. guess why.

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Oversized broccoli? Please...

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This leaves me speechless. The biggest "why didn't i think of that" moment of my life. more please.

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