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Tall story...

Both Sides of t...
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Clever lines. Really nice ads.

Have Heart
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Great lines!

Have Heart
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Nice writing, well put together.

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nice art, but I think they should have gone further with a concept that pops out in the midle of the text: "it feels like a world away", some story or ... i don't know, but when I read it it felt as if they reached a good text and closed it, but if they kept on digging they would have come with something realy good.

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Love the photo and the copy. Makes me want to visit!

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Here we go again, 'oh, look, there's more than 3 words in an ad, must be poetry, must be beautiful...'

The copy is good. Just good. Could have been amazing, considering the subject.

Art direction looks dated and cheap too, what's with that green 'tinge' around the photo?

Sorry, I don't like anything about this.

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nobody realized that the copy can also be read: they are straining for a better view because where they are they can only see the trash left by the visitors or a bad landscape?
but the lines are clever, afterall

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Thank you hang-the-dj, my sentiments exactly. The copy is hardly gripping. Ooh, Tall trees looking for a better view. Let's throw in some clever personification.

"When you live among scenery such as this"? Come on. Talk to your target audience in the language they speak. Does all copy in British ads start with, Hear ye, hear ye, come hither to heareth thine news? I don't think so.

I feel no reward for reading/looking at this campaign. Sorry.

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