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what is this communicating?

chapstick will make my lips so soft that ill kiss a boob?

come on i can do that without chapstick.. hell ill kiss my own man boobs.

No benefit.. horrible edge.. you suck

this is so made in india.


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Hey you moron..... do you have any idea where India is? Forget that, do u have any idea where your asshole is? Hint: you're
talking outta it! I'm not too bothered about your 2cent opinion of the ad but about the fact that you seen to equate every bad
ad with India. Where you from? That toilet called China? Or perhaps your so much of a pariah that you don't have the slightest
clue where you are from. As to your distinctions between good and bad advertising.... grow up kiddo.

ivan's picture

Guys, such language on both sides is something I wish rather not to happen.

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I was under the impression that this site was to judge the ads, not each other. I wish I could read the copy, the art direction is quite nice.

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True Guest, I too think that the chang has been continually bettered by some Indian and the poor sod is venting his spleen. Ivan, sorry
if the language has caused offence. It was not the intention... though bigotry, I feel, must always be dealt with. As old wisdom dictates
"The only thing that bad men need to succeed is for good men to do nothing."

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Hey...can we just forget China/India/Japan/Mexico/US/UK+++ and judge the ads based on something more relative? These type of comments or fights won't do any good for any of us. duh.

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Oye Jason.
Cheer up Man !
Shit happens to the best of us.
havent heard from u since.
hope u are not too scared even to open this page.
look what u did ?
so many people from God knows where stood up together.

do reply.

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Maybe my spanish is better

The header says: The kissingsutra

The can openner (second line)

This is the favorite kiss of the boyscouts, you just need the basic tools, Chapstick and your partner. Start humidifing your lips with chapstick then put some sourrounding the nipple clearly marking your territory and give it tiny bites humid bites following always the circle that you lined up.
Hopefully this would end some bickering around here.
Is cute and gives guys some good ideas.

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Is this a copy of a Dominican Republic campaing or Dominican Republic copied from Chapstick?

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I'm not a creative and not meaning to be critical, I don't understand this ad. Only connection between the lips and boobs - soft. But I don't understand the attempt to kiss the boobs to communicate the message which is 'soft' in my opinion.

If we are supposed to be ad savvy and can't understand, then I doubt consumers will.

Though the copy may be supporting the visual well which we don't understand at the moment.....

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