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November 2009

Print advertisment created by Grey, Germany for Berlitz, within the category: Education.

The most dangerous creature in the universe. As long as you speak to him in Chinese, everything is OK. Mostly.
Better be prepared for the future.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Frankfurt, Germany
Art Directors: Tim Jacobs, Carolin Hermann, Margit Tejada
Copywriter: Friedrich Tromm
Photographers: Aziz Wakim, Gunther Dachert
Retoucher: Reproductions

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fundoo art-direction man, ilike

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Just thought that the most dangerous creature would speak an 'alien' language. The campaign doesn't work coz you're going to speak a foreign language only if you're going to meet someone from another country. And using weird insect-looking alien creatures is definitely not putting the Germans, the Chinese or whoever in good light! This campaign sucks!

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hi and bye.

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this campain was never released

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Just boring!

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How do you say "crap" in chinese?

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Why does these creatures look like no-Money-shit? And what's the matter with the background?
Does that bad looking thing standing in front of a trash can? YES - THROW YOURSELF AWAY.
And take the bad idea with you. ha ha
They had money to pay two Photographers, one lousy copywriter, the time
of three Aaaargh Directors AND one Retoucher. Too bad. OMG!!!

Next time, safe your money to get ONE extraordinary 3D Artist or illustrator
and ONE great copywriter with an idea, and you will make it to the festivals...

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totaly agree

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foreigners living in Germany = alien?

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J'aime !!
Comment parler des étrangers et de la menace que beaucoup continuent de voir en eux uniquement parce qu'ils ne parlent pas la même langue ? Le problème est déplacé par un changement de point de vue dans le concept, une dédramatisation (jouet d'enfant bon marché) dans la direction artistique, mais beaucoup d'audace dans la copy. Surtout celle-ci. Le problème c'est toi, pas l'autre.
Et c'est pas parce qu'on a du budget qu'on est obligé de le dépenser dans la 3D…

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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far below students level

pre-puberal province surrealism

one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

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hey whether this alien is capable of speaking Chinese or chinese guys are as dangerous aliens :)


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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HORRIBLE art direction. What is this for? Kids under 10 years?