Unhate, Venezuela-USA

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November 2011

US President Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela

Print advertisment created by Fabrica, France for Benetton, within the category: Fashion.

United Colors of Benetton.
Supports the Unhate Foundation

Advertising Agency: Fabrica, Italy
Creative Directors: Carlo Cavallone, Eric Ravelo
Designers: Robert Nakata, Paulo Martins

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Gets noticed! And quality photoshop!

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Tioscani, o chi per esso, ci hai rotto il cazzo.

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Just go on google and you can find thousands ot these montages.
Nothing impressive. Very ordinay idea.

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I don't think I would have enjoyed being the retoucher on this campaign.

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Are they inflating each other?

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Super stuff :)

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Abhishek Parikh
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Controversy sells.

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Something I just don't like about Benetton ads! I have an image of all the Benetton ad people thinking of this and loving it because of the controversy it would cause....not actually believing in the message of 'Unhate'. Controversy for controversy's sake???

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Shock value for shop value.
Move along people...

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Lemonlove has a good point.

Still, great set of ads

If only every client could be so brave

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Agree with lemonlove too.

Even if a Benetton ad draws 100 comments, they're comments about the comments it will probably draw. Chase your tail.

That's it.

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Roger Keynes
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This campaign's just been pulled in Australia. The usual 'moral outrage'. PC bullshit.
Good to see Benetton (and Italy) pushing the envelope.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Love the controversy they have made... but somehow it looks... hmm... two man kissing? hehehe... anyway, great photoshop...

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They're supposed to sell clothes right?
It grabs your attention and it's a nice project for social change but I have no clue what it has to do with the brand.
6.6 stars for social change. 0 for clothes.

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Agree with Abhishek. And, I like the ads.


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It supposed to be in Italy not in france ?

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So Benetton can't sell clothes, so they're selling controversy?! They want to resolve years of bottled up hate and anger by showing the world's conflicting leaders kissing and making up?! What an ignorant and childish notion!
This doesn't even do that. Because all of the executions are males kissing males, the first thing that comes to mind is, 'Is this about gay rights?'
If these ads work for you, then you were never part of the problem.

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Nike Diesel
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It's effin flabbergasting that this piece of crap gets over 100 votes.

I'm going with lemonhead and esteb on this one.

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it looks shocking, yes. Nice retouch, yes. But i still won't buy Benetton... i've never even seen de collection...


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How they could do this...Crap! great Photoshop direction

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Joelapompe, apparently the judges have never heard of your site, I just listened to the press jury president justify the grand prix. Still reeling from the shock.

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I can't belive this campagn won something! there are plenty works with exactly the same concept, the same realization and the same critics! You have just to see the Berlin East Side Gallery! Toscani didn't like it and said it was totally different from his old works, and it is. It is no provocative, it is not original, it is not creative and it's a pity that Fabrica won't do something different!