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Corner Store
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So are these chocolates going to turn me into an overweight, toothless, criminal?

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Interesting approach - admitting that overindulging in a product will make you fat(ter). I like their logo.

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nice exaggeration. I will try the chocolates...

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some time we dont want to know the consequence...FAT

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done to death.

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These make me really hungry. Not familiar with brand so will say, nice logo even if it looks like a tobacco company.

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The whole belt thing is used for a TVC for type 2 diabetes in Australia.

Good thing Shaws hand-made chocolates aren't in Oz...

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Nice. I wil buy shaws

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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Have Heart
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The one with the bunny is nice, the other two are not exactly showing the benefit...

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Nice Aproach. Very interesting job.

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80´s ad

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Not very impressive but that's a courageous brand! finally someone's got the balls to say the truth. that will never be a top-selling campaign, but it could make that brand well reknown if they stick to it.

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I like the idea, It would be make it good for a TV ad also I guess

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what is the root of the concept? please tell me

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not bad good

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mark c.

the "irresistible" is very over used but it saves the picture from being just a reminder that I shouldn't eat chocolate . This ad can be good or bad to a
lot of potential consumers.