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May 2008
Beko Print Ad -  Octopus


Print advertisement created by TBWA, Turkey for Beko, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


600 lt. refrigerator. More room for your food.

Advertising Agency: TBWA Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: İlkay Gürpınar
Creative Head: Gökhan Yücel
Art Director: Banu Üstündag
Copywriter: Cem Ozturk
Illustrator: IDA Pictures
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My name is my real name too.

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Other |

We're going to need more lube.

nemesis's picture

this doesn't say anything to me

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Creative Director
triqaziz's picture

Idea itself is good, but visual execution and copy have no similarity.

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The iDEA Company |

Tariq Aziz

MJ05's picture

yes, i agree. I think the graphic execution is not working for the idea.

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garnier bbdo |


alialli's picture

This is smart, this is damn smart. Good work my friend

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Creative Director at Art Director
crisis's picture

If people in Turkey eat whole, live octopuses regularly, this is good.

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Luis Maram's picture

The idea is good but the execution, uhmmmm...
Perhaps a chicken would work better and it needs a BIGGER copy.

Luis Maram
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Marketing Director |

Luis Maram

consolidated.db's picture

completely disagree on both fronts.

Firstly, re: bigger copy. The idea is to show all the room the octopus has. the bigger the copy, in both actual size and in correlation to the subject, the smaller it makes the 'extra room' seem. also, you see the octopus by himself, all relaxed, you have to go searching for the small copy, which highlights the room.

the copy is the right size.

Secondly, re: the chicken. I don't see why a chicken would be a better substitute for the octopus. please explain? i don't see how one can be seen as stronger than the other, and chickens are more referenced than our 8 legged sea dwellers, so i give the choice of this over a chicken a thumbs up.

That said, I'm not a huge fan of this ad - the insight is that your food gets more room, i don't really care if my food has extra room to enjoy their stay in my fridge until consumed (or thrown out). nothing in my fridge is actually living.

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Copywriter at Ad Land
CND's picture

"600 It. refrigerator. More room for your food."

get it? uh the octopus is kickin back all stretched out...ROOMY fridge?

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Quarry Integrated
getconnected2001's picture

I got the concept!
The octopus is quite relaxed because it has got the 600Lt refrigerator, right?

Indian Ads Update!
Amit Singh

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Art Director at New Delhi
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dcgroppo's picture

I've seen this octopuss before... but i'm to tired to look for it right now. Some wheels i think...

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Art Director at NBS / Dentsu Aegis Network |

krautland's picture

hm. the idea was good but the execution lacks... when I first saw this, I thought the octopus was doing crunches. I had to read the line to understand that it had all the place to itself. this may be tough (impossible?) to pull off with this particular animal.

anyway... not too bad but it could have been more.

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Art Director at erm... no calls please.
Neil Levy's picture

neil levy
i think it's kind of nice. it's tough to make animals appear to take on human emotions without it getting cheesy. but i think you all did it pretty well.

Neil Levy
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Copywriter |

neil levy

yun siang orangutan's picture

You're beginning to sound like Paula Abdul.

yun siang orangutan
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Neil Levy's picture

neil levy

Andy Orangutan...Is that your real name or some kind of cover name so you can write whatever you want and not have to back anything up? If it's your real name, then I have more respect for you. Because it's an honest way to live. (My name is my real name) But if yours is a pseudo name though, then you're in the same camp as the hundreds of clowns on this site who write mean things to people and don't have to back any of it up. I end up meeting with lots of students that come here to our shop because people want to work in San Francisco. As you might imagine, most of the books aren't very good because there aren't a lot of really great thinkers out there. But to me, I think it's important to always find something good to say about something and someone's book. Because it's a lot easier to rip the kids down. And they've put a lot of time into the work. Even if it doesn't seem like it. I try to do both. Tell them what works and what doesn't. And I always give them my contact so they can send me stuff and I can help them improve their book.

I hope you do the same. Otherwise, what's the point?

Neil Levy
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Copywriter |

neil levy


My name is my real name too.

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Other |

We're going to need more lube.

shades's picture

Aren't octopuses all bendy and flexible anyway. why do you need a bigger fridge to fit an octopus in them.
Maybe if it was a whole pig with apple in it's mouth? then I get it.

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Freelance copywriter
sevi's picture

I cann't understand what it means.

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Saatchi & Saatchi
pankajadsoftheworld's picture

its wonderful, people are using some fucking logic but it still works great....

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Illustrator at Nuturn bates |


Malala's picture

it does'nt say about More room. what if more octopus relaxing.

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Art Director

This works ok. But as a gag the pay off isn't that funny.

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Other |

We're going to need more lube.'s picture

Good , I like it's.

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AD |


unaquestionediali's picture

is it a giant octopus?

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Copywriter |

in advertising SCRIPTA VOLANT

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