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Can do more on copy???
Pity pity!!!

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Activity Score 354

At quick glance this looks like an anti-dandruff ad.
Even then, I think the guy needs Head & Shoulders.

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Activity Score 10

true. I thought so too.. bad copy..

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Activity Score 298

that's the whole point of this ad! you're supposed to think its a dandruff ad and think to yourself "wait a minute, there's MORE in the after photo!" then you realize it's not for dandruff shampoo, but a product that makes clothes blacker.

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wgeddes's picture
Activity Score 298

haha that's funny... flips the whole thing around. i like.

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Activity Score 66

bad campaign, bad photo, student work...

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Activity Score 392

It would be more helpful if we say what we'd have done or how to improve the ads instead of giving a blanket condemnation.
This site offers a good opportunity for all of us to be better. Constructive criticism would really help.

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Activity Score 313

some things can't be helped.

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Activity Score 325

not new, been done a kazillion times. n watz creative bout this ad? it's just a see-you-see-us ad. it's looks like wat a client wuld force u to do.

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The black shirt on the left looks pretty black to me...if they are the same colour..the guy has dandruff and thats all...

Jarne von Wolfsburg's picture
Jarne von Wolfsburg
Activity Score 264

smart & clever mechanic

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i like the idea (mechanics), but the realisation could be much better. Also the left shirt is to close to the other one.

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good idea (not very new I must say) but the ad leaves a bad impression after all...somethings wrong's picture
Activity Score 25

The after shot has more white dots than the before shot...surely these images should be switched or am I misinterpreting this ad?