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Sebastián Peláez

The AD is about a thematic concert called "Humor in the Symphonic", the announcer is the Metropolitan Theater

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San Pateste
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no lo entiendo

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♥ get lost ad f...
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so you made beethoven look grimmer than he does in the original painting, just to tell us that "Symphonic needs a little humor"? and, actually, of all composers you take beethoven who is the best proof that "the symphonic" does very well without any humor.
sorry but this ad seems forced to me.
or maybe i just need a little humor.

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I Agree.

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Good point, I agree.

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I agree with ad cracker, this ad is a grabber, a portrait of Beethoven is used in the ad since as a forerunner of classical music, in Ludwig's time he is like the metallica among the composers, revolutionary and a prodigy, with very serious character, very passionate with his music. What they wanna convey here is a twist, if you look at the painting in a subjective view Beethoven looks grimmer and its like a curse if you put humor in symphony, then you are altering his legacy, to the point that even his painting has gone nuts. God bless Beethoven, but nowadays i can find smiling orchestras in a symphony, maybe im wrong but for me essence of playing music is to enjoy the melody, you can even play those classical music while grinning.

I like this ad, most especially the painting, its amazing. This really needs a little humor.

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a german without a sense of humor? such a rarity.

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A Yank with no spark of decency? Such a rarity.
Oh, we love those stupid clichés, don't we?

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i am drawing a blank here, fellas...

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happy angel
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don't really understand

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Stick a red nose on him.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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nice idea... much better idea... yeah right