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Activity Score 440

this is the ONLY one of the serie that we don't have to read the title to see whats about, very BAD ads, sorry guys but , really, you can't go telling the audience whats the ad about and what si trying to say to you... the ad NEEDs to be understandable by its self... HORRIBLE series of ads

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I dont agree with primo_susto these are awesome ads....

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I love the look.

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Activity Score 28

Simple is a virtue not a problem, sorry but I can see something fresh in that add. If you have a problem with an add, please say what do you think razonable, don't pass the line with comments without scense, explain, explain, explain your poin of view don't break the balls!!!

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Jet Lee
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Don't break the balls. haha..

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matt pugh lcc
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