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i'm head.

... its already been done...

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The shoes make the court smaller for the wearer. But it is confusing.

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And, visually similar to this one I made some time ago:

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I think it really only works for the tennis court ad because you are confined to one side of the court. With the others you still have to run the whole court whether your goal is on the small side or the big side.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Again, you make total sense, rainman!
And by the way, I'm still with you on that Kmart thing...

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not very clear but perhaps inferable

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I'm pretty sure it already exists... just let me some time and I'll find it! :-)

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Very similar to an Adidas campaign made in 2002 in Germany. Especially the tennis court one!

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The idea has potential though! I like the thought.
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Hmmmn....I think the execution is not single minded enough! There's 2 take-out from the which can be very contradicting. With the Power shoes, the disadvantage is on your side, maybe?!