Meat party

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May 2008

Print advertisment created by Y&R, United States for Barbeques Galore, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Irvine, USA

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philippertl's picture
Activity Score 656

I find those disguisting actually.
Bad art direction and the meat looks rooten, ...

sloppy4's picture
Activity Score 1492

a meat party. is that like a sausage factory?

scarfinati's picture
Activity Score 843

Yeah what’s a meat party?

In no way is this appetizing or product desirable

monicamexico's picture
Activity Score 830

That meat looks really gross.

TrainRunner's picture
Activity Score 225

student work?

ackattak's picture
Activity Score 396

Yea, I was just thinking that. Either it's student work or the agency is shamefully aware of how crappy these ads are and doesn't want its name attached to them!

Neil Levy's picture
Neil Levy
Activity Score 314

instead of destroying these, let's all assume this is student work (or at least someone fairly new to advertising) so maybe there's a way we can help them.

my first though is maybe there are too many fonts going on. the ones you have could look a little more integrated. the picture of the guy isn't helping in the other ad. it feels maybe a little amateur. shooting food is hard. it always looks like shit. especially meat. so if they are spec and you don't have a budget for real photography maybe make these line driven only.

i also wonder if you need a call to action. where is the store? is there a website. these are basic things but they will help make this ad (and pretty much anyone you do) more legitimate. you can say it's pure branding but bar-b-que's galore is in a category that doesn't do a ton of it that i'm aware of. i'm really not entirely certain who their competitors are.

i don't know if anything i've said helps, but at any rate, keep trying. the lines aren't terrible and art direction takes a long, long time to get good at so don't feel discouraged if people write mean things. they go through the same issues you do. don't die on your sword for these, but live to fight another day and keep making more ads.

XL's picture
Activity Score 214

Well done, Neil. It's always a shame to see student work get blasted on this site as though no one has ever done student work themselves. We all gotta learn some how.

As for the work, I think this line really works quite well. I do not get the same vibe from the others, so I'd keep working on those. And I have to agree that meat does not photograph well, so I would skip right over that part and just let these live on the headlines.

It's a very nice start. Keep working and don't be afraid to try completely different avenues. You never know where it might take you.

NatalieM's picture
Activity Score 1685

Agreed. The meat photo may be unnecessary. Everyone has their own mental image of meat. Just let the copy feed the imagination. Good point.

NatalieM's picture
Activity Score 1685

I think is a great idea. The photography needs some help, but overall the piece is beginning to have a real sense of attitude. Turn it up!

Frits Harkema's picture
Frits Harkema
Activity Score 713

An Old Meat Party! Great! Count me in.

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Activity Score 9

Barbeques Galore is a one stop shop for all things grilling. I like the meat mentality that are in these ads. They are raw and gritty and meaty. Seems like that is what the CW and the AD was going after...raw and gritty and not some pretty product shot of a gleaming grill.