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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I find myself not knowing if I like these or not. It is definitely an original idea. They give me a chuckle. Making a rather boring product a little more fun.

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huh? SOS somebody

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good photo

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Good product....

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I gotta say I love it.
An ad that actually has a unique selling proposition.

I don't think I've ever seen this type of thinking for a blender.
Maybe because it's a new product feature for the category. If not, they're simply treating as if it were. The quick escape scenarios (illustrations) are very fun and fit pretty well with the product shot. I like how they kept everything monochromatic and low-key, and not calling too much attention to the illustration itself...
"The love affair" is probably my fave. (I don't care for the "Bin Laden" one.)

Everything about it just feels fresh to me. What a treat!

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Jitendra Oberoi
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Wow. Amazing idea. Go Publicis go.