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My first thought was "heh heh, true dat" My next thought is... um... so? Anyone who knows anything about Hemp cloth knows that it doesn't contain any THC. Hemp made clothing isn't just for pot heads.
Why alienate anyone who doesn't smoke or is against it by saying "hey, these are made with plants that get people high"?

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ming the merciless
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Clothing made from the same thing that gets us high? Fantastic - makes complete sense to me. It doesn't mean you have to be a stoner to wear it.

Also makes this product stand out in the hugely saturated and competetive clothing market.

Nice work.

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second to that, plus are they trying to tell us that we can burn or even chew on the clothing??

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Activity Score 1394 first thought was your an idiot.

this campaign is clever, maybe a little on the cliche side of the circle, but clever nonetheless. i dont believe it alienates anybody..if people are stupid enough to think these clothes will get them high, and that it's legal to sell illicit clothing, then i'm sure they wouldnt be turned off by the ad because they're obviously high to begin with--and to be honest, what pothead wouldnt want clothes that get you stoned???

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At least it's nicely done.

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these are great, all three of them. My favourite is the spliff, this is my second.
Nice one guys, beautiful art direction btw.

Everyone associates hemp with marijuana, i think we have some jealous people commenting here

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too easy & expected. plus by reinforcing the connection to marijuana (which I'm a major fan of) it only makes the case for hemp products more difficult to make.

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Cool, nice photography

Fail Harder.

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I smoke when I get tired from too much karate. So I like this ad.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I thought you were exhausted from shilling Total Gym with Christie Brinkley on late night TV.
Big fan. Big fan...

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nice photos, really

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i bet this was the EASIEST sell to the client ever hahaha. "let's think about it over a joint...."

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Art director: We're hacks. We haven't gotten in CA since like 1981

Copywriter: What is the easiest possible client in the world to do ads for? We can do stuff and give the appearance that we're not hacks.

Art Director: A hemp clothing store!!!!!!!!!!

Copywriter: We're saved!

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that's hilarious

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I like this shit! knowudimasyin son! Real dope sheet!

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it's a shirt. not dope, dope.

Arnold Santillan

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- - -

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here's a question:

this is a visual pun much like the nando's stuff ( check a few pages back).

just a different product.

so what makes this better?

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for MANY people is important "be different" so trust me... "be different" makes this product "better", simple

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Don't wear this in Saudi Arabia :)

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Visual pun. Quite a charming one, though. Made me chuckle, but then I was a pothead in my youth.

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Visual puns aren't necessarily evil. Fiery fries was one, a very good one of course. And The Economist has been known to dabble in the odd verbal pun. This one's not bad... not brilliant but not awful either. I think the quality of a pun is determined in part by the amount of work needed to actually make it work. Fiery fries, to continue the eg, simply dipped the chip in sauce to look like a match. The other determining factor is the quality of the visual insight. In fiery fries, the insight that a chip dipped in sauce looks like a match was very nice, but in the above case the only real insight is that dope is green and the clothes come in green. That's what's keeping it from greatness, IMHO.

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Fiery Fry was done some 10 years back and WAS NOT a visual pun. There was an idea. It would have been a visual pun if you made french fries looking like fire.

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A visual pun is not defined by whether it has an idea in it or not. It is simply a visual containing dual meanings. Look it up.

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I think this is the weakest of the three. The joint and the packed bowl actually look like what they're supposed to represent. This just looks like a spinach leaf in a baggie.

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thanks slim.
i totally agree with the fiery fries comparison.
but back then, there weren't many visual puns.

now, there are just as many as there are art directors around.
(sorry, but that's the truth.)

so i'm still wondering how one visual pun is better than another?
besides the obvious: better execution.