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I kinda like the thinking here but these are so hideous it defeats the purpose of convincing me that you're actually a creative shop.

A.G. Pennypacker
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Hahaha... nice.

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if its bad, make it reaaaaal bad, but funny... unicorns....comic sans.... monkeys

we all get it, haha. But the joke isn't obvious enough (for the client)

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... its already been done...

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"we all get it, haha. But the joke isn't obvious enough (for the client)"

sad, but true. "oh that glow is nice! two hands shaking - fantastic symbolism about partnership! And we want three typos, too - looks so creative and innovative!"

XD .... :(

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Now what is the idea behind this ad copy? Sarcasm? trying hard to be witty?

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even if these are intentionally bad, they're still bad.

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i agree. the look wasn't pushed so that people/clients can easily get it's a joke.

and this will drown in a magazine where you DO see actual non-sarcastic work of the exact same caliber.

anyway, its a bad strat to begin with.

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proving you can do shite work is no proof of being able to produce brilliance.

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* * * * *

I like it. That`s new trash-stuff and a good thought.

Jarne von Wolfsburg
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* * * * *

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Hire creatives now please.

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How embarrassing for their clients.
Let's call them.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Play to your strengths, not someone else's weaknesses.

Charlie Pratt
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I dig the humour and i actually laughed. But waitaminute...i agree with pennypacker...the thing is so hideous, i would probably flip the page with a shudder without even looking at the ad. I looked coz it was on adsoftheworld. I really, really think that these ads would be lost on ur TG (potential clients??). They'll probably just think this is one loser of an agency. Sorry guys...but it's a decent thot if u were targetting ad agencies. but otherwise...NO!!

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Not all who wander are lost.

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very very nice !

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it reminds me old "DOS FOR DUMMIES" books design which we use for learning computer

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i think they need to get the right people to do their work instead of this crap which they claim its creative!.. geez man, what the hell

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| everartz |

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this is just very first idea to me

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The idea is really okay. The execution is indeed not convincing. It reminds me of kessels kramer (Ad agency Amsterdam)check their site: and press everytime the refresh button.. They've executed how this kind of advertising should be executed. But the idea is okay.

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These are ads are a in-joke for advertising people. Not for their audience.

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My Congrats to the directors here...
Honestly... try doing this if u think it's easy :-)
But I do agree, joke is only working for the area.

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-- --

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Wait till the client comes up the door and expects stuff like that hahahah

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