June 2007

Live fat free.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Edwin Leong
Creative Director: Hasnah Mohd. Samidin
Copywriters: Edwin Leong
Art Directors: Edwin Leong
Photographers: Mak Kah Heng/Untold Images, Allen Dang/Wizard
Account Supervisor: Neal Estavillo, Shireen Peterson
Advertiser's Supervisor: Haniza Hj. Tahir
Production Manager: Leslie Chong
Colour Separator: Pioneer Graphic Scanning

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ccsman04's picture
Activity Score 165

Scott towels... bacon... live fat free.... so do i eat the towels like bacon? Bacon, I know its early and I am sure it will come to me, bacon + scott towels = fat free living.... so maybe you cook the bacon IN Scott towels and it soaks up all of the fat... hmmmmm I never knew that.. I'm gonna try that. Them crazy Malaysians, always coming up with new ways to cook.

ChuckNorris's picture
Activity Score 834

uhhhh, you fry the bacon/chips/etc and then you lay it on the Scott towel, so it sucks the excess fat.

k-rocka's picture
Activity Score 426

I usually lay bacon on paper towel and then microwave it - I'm not sure what planet ccsman04 lives on.

Spanky's picture
Activity Score 4899

that's the most people i remember credited on a one shot. and a simple one at that. as for the ad, it's ok. not great. but not horrible.

ellehcimeo's picture
Activity Score 3376

Too much of a stretch. Some of the fat will come off, not all of it like it's shown here. It's a big fat lie. I'm all for exageration of benefits but this is just too much for me.

Not everyone cooks bacon, give ccsman04 a break kids. Come to think of it, not everyone knows how to cook. Do you cook ccsman04?

braindrain's picture
Activity Score 240

I want to like this because I dig the visual. But it just feels like it's for the wrong product.

postman's picture
Activity Score 951

Who wants bacon without fat?

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

Actually, KL has the most gravitational pull of anywhere on the face of the earth according to the scientists. Thus, after frying your bacon and leaving it on the paper towel for a while, it becomes COMPLETELY devoid of any grease/fat. The same principle applies to french fries, onion rings, hush puppies, Tater Tots and last but not least, Tempura. Those of us who live in areas with less gravity are encouraged to place bacon strips on the paper towel and spin around like a mad person until most of the fat is sucked away by virtue of the centrifugal force. (it may be helpful to visualize Julie Andrews on the mountain top in "The Sound of Music" while spinning)

ellehcimeo's picture
Activity Score 3376

Thank you so much for the lesson in science! I wonder if this answer will come up in Jeopardy? Hope so!

Mmmm, Tater Tots.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

Mmmmm, "FAT FREE" Tater Tots :(

afterbyrne's picture
Activity Score 205

Is it just me or are ads trying to become "too smart" lately and with it confusing some people. Point in case right here.

Yokel's picture
Activity Score 604

maybe we're all just getting too dumb to understand

I think Im good tats why Im here's picture
I think Im good...
Activity Score 48

totally agree wit u david - it's getting from wow! to huh?

Ant's picture
Activity Score 64

and its awarded a silver lion

Rog's picture
Activity Score 6080

Yeah. See where they're going.
Not quite connecting for me.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

JamurPutih's picture
Activity Score 263

i have learned something from this web. if you want to see a SELLING ad, then dont go here.

end of joy, enjoy

Beatboxer's picture
Activity Score 1517

I don't like this.

Steeef's picture
Activity Score 135

Congrats with your silver lion...

Jclopez25's picture
Activity Score 6

No sean tan literales el aviso está bueno. Aquí escribe mucha gente sin criterio.