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April 2009

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Bolivia for AXS, within the category: Media.

With this speed you will not want to miss a second.

Advertising Agency: Nexus BBDO, La Paz, Bolivia
Creative Director: Marco A. Jara Nielsen
Photographer: Luis Fernandez

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capywriter's picture
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The internet is so boring you need help from not falling asleep? :)
Ok, the tape and stick prevent you would blink an eye... and miss a millisecond.
Still I don't think it has to do with the internet being fast, but with the content being very interesting.

Guest's picture

Internet speed. Seems to me that you wouldn't need to keep your eyes pried open if it was good.

ADcoke's picture
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Igual que la anteriro Aburrida para mi gusto, cuando veo que es de BBDO espero ver calidad.

incluso si esta en Bolivia

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with tape is better then with stick, but better would be blue eye not brown. The blue colour would catch eye more :)

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agree with you - but it is not easy to find nice blue eyes in bolivia

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BBDO did this? gdi.

I thought you guys were at least better than this.

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Malo. Malo. Malo. Está bien copiar y aprender los rudimentos de la creatividad, Bolivia. Pero no aquí.

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ubieran usado el ojo de la naranja mecanica

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Anonymous Author
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Nice image and ok surface idea. The insight, though, is lacking a deeper connection; blinking does not mean you miss fast internet.
There is a speed that makes you feel like your eyes are taped open, but that's a story for another day.

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