2010 World Cup Finals

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June 2010

As everyone on the planet knows, this summer the 2010 World Cup Finals are taking place in South Africa. Axe/Lynx wanted to continue its tradition of providing an Axe/Lynx point of view on major cultural events relevant to Axe/Lynx guys. Celebration Print This summer Lynx/Axe produced a series of patriotic posters for some of the competing nations in this summer’s World Cup finals. The posters were produced for a number of countries, aiming to latch onto and evoke the nations pride during the finals. The posters capture an infamous celebration known throughout the football community, one that crosses cultures and can be understood whatever the language. Hopefully, if guys use Axe/Lynx during the tournament, it will be the girls that will be celebrating.

Print advertisment created by BBH, United Kingdom for Axe, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: BBH, UK
Creative Director: Dominic Goldman
Art Director: Dean Woodhouse
Copywriter: Hugo Bierschenk
Photographer: Norbert Kniat
Typographer: Rich Kennedy
Producer: Jeremy Gleeson, Amanda Robertson
Design & Retouching: Gary Mead, Alex Murray
Team Manager: Katja Dienel
Team Director: Keir Mather
Planner: Tim Jones
Engagement Planner: Ben Shaw

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Guest's picture

She has a really long chin...
something is seriously wrong with her face!

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done by virgin airlines.
at least, nice boobies.

Dzsoi's picture
Activity Score 8532

Done what? Does it shape an object here? Or does that virgin airlines ad has anything to do with male fantasies? Not really.

Hibon's picture
Activity Score 3734

Better than Virgin.

Simple ideas are the best !

Adaddicted's picture
Activity Score 3435

Better to be a virgin!


Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
Activity Score 2539

The concept here holds more promise than the execution.

ossman's picture
Activity Score 29

Agreed, its better than Virgin.
Thats one prefect girl there. I wonder how much photoshoped are these perfect boobies...

Luis Maram's picture
Luis Maram
Activity Score 252

Yeah, great boobies but lack of concept. At least Virgin Atlantic is metaphoric... in here there is no insight.

saidukaringa's picture
Activity Score 278

Don't you people see that a religion again sacrificed ?

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

Axl's picture
Activity Score 266

Tht's a copy of an scotish ad for the rugby world cup of '07, not an original!

Guest's picture

boring execution - bland ad

Minerva Pinto's picture
Minerva Pinto
Activity Score 1394


akshaysrikar's picture
Activity Score 420

boobies, technical advantage for this ad.

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She has a really long chin...
something is seriously wrong with her face!

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

she screams underneath that shirt.

TommyO's picture
Activity Score 1866

Wow, a bra. *yawn*

marcellod's picture
Activity Score 60

no idea. nice boobs

marcellod's picture
Activity Score 60

wayne bra?

Hiperion's picture
Activity Score 3138

It´s so tacky...

michelangelo's picture
Activity Score 660

right boobies is bigger than the left

Guest's picture

how is it possible that anyone even looked at her chin?! Hell, I was so distracted, I didn't even look at the logo!

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i think this is better

Guest's picture

lol read those comments out of context

velle's picture
Activity Score 1550

so on brand! :D

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Selene S
Activity Score 35

Actually i love it.

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Activity Score 943

10/10 for the boobies 8/10 for the ad