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Ok.. So ?
I got a big bathroom .. and ?
Does it mean that it's full with girl's ?
That i like taking bath's so much so i build a big bathroom ?
All of the above .. Other ?
Or maybe it's me and i'm missing something..

I think that the idea isn't working so clearly ..
Maybe could work better with a better art ..

Saw so much more better ads for this product.

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Activity Score 91

Maybe if you put a line near the product that's says ..
"Make room for the big pleasure in life"

But then again .. It might be too big of a promish for axe.

Dont know.

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Boony wants a beer
Activity Score 380

Maybe it's just garbage.

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Activity Score 38

very good

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Activity Score 48

Big bathroom cause lots of chics maybe? Like it.

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Activity Score 1953

I thought a much better one would be to use 'bedroom' in every room.

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I thought that was the idea until I enlarged the image. Would work better

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Your thought is bang on. Bedroom in every room makes sense.

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These is called formula advertising. Historically similar executions have won (remember those over done world maps). Except in this case the ad says nothing. Agreed with whitespace about making bedroom in everyroom, but isn't axe overdone? Guys let's see something new, not something which has been done to death and more better.

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Activity Score 91

The bedroom In everyroom wont work here cause its an axe shower gel / shampoo
and not a deodorant so it's have 2 do something with the shower.

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...more better?

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Activity Score 34

The blueprint images have been used to death.

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Activity Score 104

Do bad ad's like this work in the UAE, if so what am I doing in a country where you need talent? Life could be easier

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Activity Score 765

I think it's cool. True, Axe has done some better ads, but this one works just fine.

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Activity Score 267

this is the weakest of the Axe ads that I have seen. They set the bar pretty high for themselves.

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i agree with drunkard:

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What about bedroom??... Idea will remain the same... LAME.

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takes some getting around of.