April 2007

The par: 200.000 trees!
Building a single golf course puts thousands of trees at a stake. However in southern Turkey, they are planning to build several golf courses simultaneously. Take action. Help us stop them.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy&Mather, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Tibet Sanliman
Copywriters: Ergin Binyildiz, Cengiz Pulgu
Art Director: Can Pehlivanli
Photographers: Nejat Talas, Ugur Vidinligil
Creative group head: Ergin Binyildiz

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Chocolat's picture
Activity Score 286

it looks like a cut-out to me. The axe has a strange glow around it....i think its a bit forced, but then it could be just me. Im having a rough morning! yawn!

ivan's picture

Not a Monday person, heh?

JTW926's picture
Activity Score 184

yes, i see the glow as well...and yet there is light coming from both directions, hitting the guy on the left and right...

Checho's picture
Activity Score 308

Is this a Carlsberg ad? Is the same layout!

Rog's picture
Activity Score 6080

Now, this should be outraging me.
Making me do something proactive.
This is just entertaining me.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

kalpesh78's picture
Activity Score 2578

its a good thought..a good insight.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

Chocolat's picture
Activity Score 286

yawn!!!!! mornings are just cruel!

Laurent's picture
Activity Score 279

totally agree with Rog. Nice idea... just good for awards.

philippertl's picture
Activity Score 656

*Let's build streets and shopping malls instead!*

There must be bigger isssues in the world like that, guys!

popdistortion's picture
Activity Score 1592

The sponge... great. This one here... so so.

Advertising Pawn's picture
Advertising Pawn
Activity Score 419

Great ad! Smart. Effective. Love it.

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Rog's picture
Activity Score 6080

For saving forests?
No, it isn't!
That's the brief, man.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

andreis's picture
Activity Score 285

very effective


mrtalented's picture
Activity Score 2171

i like the logic but not the art direction and copy. i'm sure htey can be more egdy. if the photo is much less saturated, and make it double spead to see more of the grass-covered hills. then the idea might come acress more impactfully.

marvel's picture
Activity Score 40

GHOST! GHOST! GHOST! Come oooon! Here is a very fake ad. These are GHOST ads for sure. And these are the proofs. What is the brief? "Let's try to close golf coursers because they're bad for the world?" or "Quit golf and save the world?" or "Hey all these rich guys fucking to the nature so let's disturb them... What about golf courses?" Blah, blah, blah! No, it's not possible. This is ridiculous. And most probably the agency, that Ogilvy Istanbul guys, first got the idea then wrote brief and maybe got the client. Otherwise no client will approve this brief and this creative work with themselves. It has no right point of view, no right message, no call to action... All is wrong. Let's be honest, these are not ads. These are mastrubation of the agency.

shubhoji's picture
Activity Score 4

I like it. I don't care if it's scam, marvel.