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November 2010

Print advertisment created by Droga5, New Zealand for ASB, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: Droga5, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Mike O\'Sullivan
Creative Directors: Guy Roberts, Corey Chalmers
Art Director: Guy Roberts
Copywriter: Corey Chalmers

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This looks like the first layout of the approved text. Can't decide which font, fuck it, let's use them all. Still no idea of the client, offer, or audience.

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I'm curious to know... what is it that you do, besides commenting without reading the background of the campaign made?

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Apologise. I go to all the iterations of this campaign and apologise to people who have rightly brought me up on my pompous snark's reaction to a great idea that I put down because it didn't immediately tell me absolutely everything in a single ad, without having read either the background or the need for the brief or the client; because I wholly inappropriately thought that to give an honest reaction to any ad, I would give it virgin eyes.

I'm a copywriter who should, and now does, know better than to do what I have on a few of the campaigns on this site. I've been rude and I'm skitting around doing my best to patch up the holes I've made with my rude feet. That's what I do.

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For fuck's sake man...

The print component for Droga5 NZ's Creating Futures campaign for ASB Bank allows up and coming artists, designers, typographers and illustrators to create their future by interpreting ASB's manifesto - and getting mass media exposure.

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don't agree. Whole campaign done in magnificent style. Congrats for the graphics.

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Really? You don't get it?

It's simple.
It's for ASB, the bank.
The idea is that ASB, with their banking deals/offer/policies, help people with their futures (aka economic standing), be it personal or business.
It's the launching of one's future, which is expressed (not explained) by the words
They then had a few aspiring future artists (in this case typographer) to design the ad with the promise of having their work credited and publicized on the ad itself, attaching to the idea of ABS helping launch futures.

It's pretty simple really. And beautifully executed/crafted, alongside with the rest of the campaign.

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curious needs a li'l more lead in his pencil, gray in his matter, woof in his bark. nice 1, droga 5!!

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Can only agree. To be nakedly frank, I've only now started to read the background first. I guess my kneejerk copywriting eyes are slow learners. Sorry everyone, "I'm new", but still have problems with the font issue.

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From the perspective of an American, this is breakthrough material for a bank. Print ads for banks in the U.S. look like template work for hospitals or real estate companies. Bo-o-o-ring!

This is fun to look at, draws you in to read.

That's it.

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I really want to like the type, but I can't. It's just too fugly.

Gotta agree w/ Curious on this one.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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CuriousPencil not so curious... go and find out who is the client and the audience BE CURIOUS ... your nick has a contradiction with what your comment. I think the ads are great my name is Natalia from Ecuador :)

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Hello Natalia from Ecuador. I'm the guy with a faceful of humble pie, nice to meet you.

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Anonymous Author
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I'm the campaign that looks good at first glance, I'm the ad that's a lot of clichés and over-earnest.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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Plus there's a bit of a Fight Club tribute feeling to it.

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Why did they choose the colour yellow?

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Too lazy to write different copy decks? It's just the same copy 3 times.