Wake up, 2

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September 2008

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Saudi Arabia for Aroma Coffee, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Creative Director / Art director / Copywriter: Ahmad Beck
Photography: Stock, Steeve Kozman

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arminosnia's picture
Activity Score 12

IT is good idea

scarfinati's picture
Activity Score 843

Not really. It looks like someone stuck a cup of coffee over someones mouth. Really forced.

If anything it says the opposite of what they want to say. That youll yawn and feel tired if you drink this coffee.

jomo's picture
Activity Score 62

I like.

LeeHarvey's picture
Activity Score 3045

Hmm, well, I kinda like it. Funny, clear, that's it. Therefor a good ad. Period.

keem's picture
Activity Score 4

I worry sometimes at the ads that are being produced. 'Wake up, and choke on a coffee cup'. The imagery is cold and the coffee in the cup must be plastic...

mark3r's picture
Activity Score 1949

Its really good, when you look at it and forget its a coffee cup its really cartoonish, which I like, It's so simple it works perfectly.

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BFB's picture
Activity Score 936

I like it. This doesn't need to be a campaign, it's the same idea done 3 times. One shot is sufficient.

Enas's picture
Activity Score 741

i agree 100% with BFB...but i like the idea

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

dico's picture
Activity Score 332

nice idea!
i like it!!

mandoiii's picture
Activity Score 27

I don´t kow about you but for me the woman in the picture is kinda sleepy... Yet it is suposed to transmit the oposite message... I´m not saying it won´t work on the target, but it didn´t on me.

NatalieM's picture
Activity Score 1685

Like it! If you're falling asleep, stick a cup of coffee in that mouth.

LeeHarvey's picture
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Best comment so far Nat!

AristideMas's picture
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Aristide, Account Ex., Nelson Publicis, Douala, Cameroun

Totally in line with you. This must be coffee to sip before going to bed. Warm Up - Get ready to sleep!

Aristide, Strategist, Exp. Marketing, Cameroon

getconnected2001's picture
Activity Score 987

Sexy ad!

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Is there any reason why all artworks feature a lady? Or i'm just having a green imagination?

Guest's picture

is she drinking coffee before sleeping?
very ordinary, not creative rather than making a good picture