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This campaign is so lame. There was an opportunity to do something fresh and original, but unfortunately they opted to take the well-trodden path of crap.

It seems like such a first thought.

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Activity Score 229

is not that bad for self-promo

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I think It actually was the first Thought!

DUDE!!!!!! SO LAME!!!!!!

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Activity Score 134

The dog fleas should really take over. Wrong strat again and again and again.

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Activity Score 229

Blah blah blah blah....... do your own

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Activity Score 134

Born from the anus of your mum .... you and your dog fleas kind.

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Activity Score 41

nice and simple.....

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Activity Score 2029

this is bad. really bad.
and what's with the art? of all the white space they put head in the picture and another set of pics on the right side? this ad is falling to the right.

as someone mentioned earlier: another great opportunity wasted.

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I think the agency should flip through more (or rather, less!) of those older award there's an identical print campaign by Young & Rubicam Brasil, done in 2001. It won Gold campaign in New York Festivals.

The campaign features 'Moon landing' & 'Zeppelin'. Same idea, similar executions. Pick up an old NYf Annual 10, page 124 and you'll know what I mean.

PS: If you see those real jobs Ameoba did, you'll swear this ad is nothing truthful. :)

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Really not real to be a real.

"No think is impossible"

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does absolutely nothing to me.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Well being part of the target market probably helps (thats me).
I was not overly impressed, but if I were in china and needed some retouching/comps this would definately get them on my radar.

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This print is just a page of a Photoshop book. Just that. Bad. Bad. Very Bad.

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Activity Score 1254

is the line for real or is it a joke????
"With Amoeba around, not everything you see is real." WTF is that???
very bad copy, very bad concept, very first idea, very etc (all negatives).

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Huge copycat of a Cannes Shortlist!!!!!! / Facebook : Joelapompe

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where is his shadow?????