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January 2009

Print advertisment created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina for Ariel, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Mariano Serkin, Maxi Itzcoff

Creative Directors: Mercedes Tiagonce, Mariela Simirgiotis

Art Director: Celeste Dalairac

Copywriter: Juan Rezzonico

Retouch: Pablo Romanos

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I thought removing cake from short would be the low point until I saw the other two executions. This campaign needs to be revisited.

By revisited I mean binned. The idea of showing a cleaning product removing grime/dirt/stains/food bits from an execution has been done, and more importantly, done better. I'm certainly not saying that it can't be done in a clever new way but I am saying that this isn't that clever new way.

- The only thing rarer than a good ad is a good guest comment -

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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these only work in they ran in Argentina? it is ok to make scam ads, but you need to be a little more convincent...

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Forced ?....the idea is not "clear".

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Where is the other half of the shortS.

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good one. i dont't know why people don't like it. good job

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Superbly done... very well thought and executed...!

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Ok. Removes cake from the shorts...basically talking about eliminating stains. Not bad. The copy doesn't convey it well enough though.

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This is the only one that kind of makes sense. There is a cake called Shortcake and the detergent can remove Cake for Shorts. Not good but at least it makes sense. The other two don't even do that (to the best of my knowledge there is no dressing called Ing or Brandy called Ndy). This should have been a one shot.

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Superbly done? These are poor, and the line doesn't even make sense in the other executions. What the hell is an ing or a ndy? Even the line that kinda works reads really poorly in English, let alone any other language. It sounds like a line that's been translated from another language. As a writer, these insult me.

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I love this agency, but I hate this campaign