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I feel it's kinda offensive, specially the relevant between the idea and the deliberate poor execution..

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saludos! me encanta ver anuncios hechos en colombia por compatriotas! argentina

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Excelente dirección de arte. Ojala lo veamos en semana y no en tv y novelas.

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This is a collection of garbled Arabic characters. Sort of like a mix of upper and lower case letters in English grouped together without any meaning.

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Que vergüenza, deberían trabajar más y no hacer quedar tan mal a los creativos colombianos, todas las piezas que han mandado de Mobil son pésimas.

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sorry i don't get it!

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This is not Arabic!!!!

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I think when you look at what they were really aiming for, they got it. All you need to understand is that your car needs mobil oil. The language or lack of it, is part of the ad's whole point! Great job!!!

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