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May 2008

Print advertisment created by Miami Ad School, Brazil for Apple, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Brazil
Art Director: William Silveira

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although there's no point for the product showing fingreprints on a picture i like it somehow. maybe you can connect the fingerprint better to the photo.

but not bad.

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This is very good job. Congratulations.
Of course that there is point for the product showing fingerprints on a picture: The touch system of iPhone. In the same screen where you see the picture, movie or music video you must touch it for use the cellular phone.

The image on the ads is it, the iPhoen screen.

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I also like the visual, but maybe the copy could have been improved. Something like "Jump" from a photo to another just with your fingers or iTouch your photos... I don't know...

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Chederico, this is a student's work. We're trying to help the students be better art directors and copywriters, not make them worse by suggesting they use the worst trick in the book and write them a see-say line. Students, don't ever write see-say lines. Ever.

I think for a student work the insight is really nice. I'd just work on the visual a little more to tighten it up. And the line works fine for me. It's very in line with what Apple would do.

That being said, you have to be careful about attempting student work of such famously creative brands. When I was at MAS, one of the most important lessons I learned is that if you're going to do Nike, Coke or Apple, you'd better be damn sure you do it better than they do or don't do it it all. And, sadly, I don't think this beats Apple's produced work. You'd be better off finding a good insight of some other, lesser-known brand and applying your smart thinking to them. I wouldn't put this ad in your book.

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Totally agree on the feedback. Well put.

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360 grados
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student or not, first round stuff.

| think small |

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Thank you for your comments, I quite agree with you (I wrote these ideas of line within a minute or two and never had in mind to write down the perfect line for this ad) but I also think that we need to keep in mind that Ads of the World is an advertising archive open to comments from just everybody in the word, not just professionals in the ad biz. Which means that students who post their work here should do it carefully and do never take any comment for granted, nor mine, neither yours, just because it could come from anybody... They have teachers to give them an analyzed feedback and I sincerely hope that they don't rely on this site to become better ADs and writers. Actually they should consider that comments on their ads just come from consummers...

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I don't find it interesting.

and besides, I have an iphone but it doesn't take photos like that.

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HORRIBLE, bad pic, no reticle, Without proporsion, Elements badly well-off, and i can KEEP GOING...