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Simply good.

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good campaign

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without the caption it can be anything and thats perhaps the interesting and boring part of this ad. But on the other hand when you are asking blood from someone who has got it and you want to make him emotional enough to donate it, its not in the picture.

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Done by Ogilvy Chennai as a commercial. The white Santa was also done earler as an ambient idea. Done Done Done

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is that a kidney? or an apple? whats the red cross anyway?

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I'm not a fan of this campaign. Am i suppose to paint the apple/santa/mailbox with blood? Or I donate and they use my blood in kindergarden for paint? Sorry, doesn't make me donate anything to anyone.

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too good fab

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Un recurso predecible y sin ningun factor diferenciador. Pasa inadvertida y no hace q nadie done sangre.

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it's a fill-in-the-blank-space kind of ad. The fact that the apple is not painted red suggests the reason for the ad: donate blood. simple and direct communication.