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I love the photograph, but can't work out the link between the visual and the copy. Am I missing something?

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You need to look closely at the orange thread.

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so close a look for the idea...kills the idea.
sorry... its not for me....

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its supposed to be a poster so at the first glance you are not supposed to get it but when you look go a lill closer you get to see the ants

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the heights of intricate thinking from a bored art director... he is flaunting his thought process... nothing more... this won't sell the product...

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how do you know its the art director's thought? it could be the copywriters.

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It hink we're missing a point.
The ad is meant to be seen in its original size, which is not the preview size we are given here. To all fairness judge it at least on the blown up version. You'll straight away notice a difference....

In my opinion it's not bad.

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I get in now and I do agree you should view the full size version before you comment. It really is a pretty simple idea and a pretty good one at that. Hard working jeans just like ants... I like it.

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I did look at the full size, and I did see the ants the first time I saw it. In my opinion the copy line is not quite strong enough for the average person to make the connection. An ad with a lovely visual like this deserves a similarly powerful bit of copy. It's almost there, but doesn't quite have the 'wow' factor. :)

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Great agency network + great international brand = mediocre work

A worldwide trend.

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I don't want to think about ants when I'm looking at, buying, or wearing clothes.

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This is a fANTastic advert. Really.

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That's not a benetton positioning. Student's work.

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It was an in store poster for there range of hardware jeans which was launched in India

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Cool idea! Nice execution.

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If I have to take a magnifying glass and look at those ants...its not worth it....though brilliant concept...more suited for a very smart janta.... thumbs down..

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he he he.. Ants on your Pants..Beware of Benetton!!
js kdn, nice concept..
Hard Workin Pants n
Hard Workin Ants

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he idea is good but the same type of ideas done by livi jeans, for muslim preys

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this is brilliant! must say it took me a while to get it, but the hard work is well rewarded! im sure to see this in the books soon.

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great ideation. 3 cheers to the copywriter.

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great execution, perhaps the ants should have been more pronounced. my opinion

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Really dumb and a scam ad.
~~be cool eh!~~

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Sorry ...this could be a scam...not sure. I work for Benetton design. Benetton doesnt use this kind of positioning for their products...unless the Indian office decided to do whatever they like. Good idea but definately not for Benetton which has a whole different kind of look already established.

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nice p
nice ants

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Less impressed by the real point than what i thought it was. I agree the ants need to be more pronounced. This would have to be huge to get walking past.

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