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Sale of small packets (less than 20) are banned and cigarettes are taxed by sticks rather than weight, and so a smoke fix is relatively expensive - about SGD14 a packet. Smoking is banned in almost all public places (bus stops, pubs, outdoor food centres, etc.) and buildings are non-smoking and encouraged to designate a smoking area.

A free Quitline service is widely advertised and inversely tobacco advertising has been banned since the 1970s. Previously smoking on television was also prohibited but now it isn't as tightly enforced.

And of course we also have these lovely visual warnings on cigarette packets.

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the work done by truth is very good in anti-smoking in all media direct mail, to ads you can see that it might help i think even if you contact them they will also help. SORRY but i dont have any contact for th same pls. if any one konw forward it.

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i love the copy...every sentence starts a story

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