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October 2007

Print advertisment created by Loud, Australia for Animals Australia, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Loud, North Sydney, Australia
Creative Director: Andy Firth
Art Director: Darren Seddon
Copywriter: Joe Van Trump
Photographer: Adrian Lander

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Activity Score 63

Loved it.... Thank god i am a vegetarian.

wildbore's picture
Activity Score 749

very appetising.visual may mis-guide d readers.(little bit off road!)

STRTLRS's picture
Activity Score 1601

That's the whole idea. Get meat-loving people to read it. It's the target.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Activity Score 30

same here

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Activity Score 6692

good campaign

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Activity Score 307

as obvious of a solution as this seems - animals as recipe - i don't recall it ever being done. it's pretty smart. poor 'lil pig....

Prof's picture
Activity Score 1449

Oh great, I'm hungry now...

Tasty little mutilated piglets.

My favorite !

Quite really.

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special k
Activity Score 145

piglets for two please!

krautland's picture
Activity Score 3216

not sure if there isn't something rather problematic about that "eye teeth" sentence but the campaign is pretty damn powerful.

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Activity Score 828

A fish with garlic for me, please.

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Activity Score 230

Nice one...
Nice website url too - savebabe!!

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Activity Score 12

thank it!! that's how i feel...good i'm a vegeterian!

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Activity Score 6

I think this is a really cool ad but I wonder whether it will primarily only help to endorse the opinions already held by vegetarians. I mean, surely people who eat meat already know that they are eating animals, right? Still, it's a great job and I hope it works for them.

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Activity Score 36

My view:
Look at the visual and the headline, and you know that the following text is about avoiding non veg food. If I love non veg (I am your target audience), I won't be bothered to read. Or even if I do (out of sheer curiosity), I'd read the whole thing in the same spirit with which a schoolboy listens to his dad who is telling him to start studying properly.

Although it's a creative way to put your point across, but there's no strategic thinking or insight involved here.

Tr Trr Trrr. Trrrr. Trrr. Trr. Tr.

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Your comment is all kinds of convoluted.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Activity Score 16

This is a great concept and great copy. However, using a visual that looks appetizing may have a contradictory effect. I would rather have seen a piece of very bland-looking meat. Then the reader realizes how torturing a pig isn't worth making a pork chop.

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I agree. That food looks delicious, regardless of whether it's free range or not, and now all I want to do is eat some meat. GRRR...

Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

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Although I'm a meat lover and I'll never give up eating meat, I have to admit - this ad is great.

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Hate to say it because I love it but this was done in Asia for dogs a few years ago. Almost exactly.