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looks like it got in a serious accident. I know what they were trying to do but it doesnt work.

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nice effort but the outcome looks too much like PS2 ad.

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exactly. this looks good, but it was probably in retouching for 3 and a half years, in which time the ps2 ad came out. damn, hate it when that happens.

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So it's a truck powered by gerbils? next time I go truck shopping I'll know to avoid mitsubishi.

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I don't like how the truck is tilted to the side. It's distracting and there's already alot of things going on in the ad.

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Shut Theory
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nothing like the little mosnter: the hammer... this is sort of copying the idea, coming up with a very weak concept

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Doesn't work. Plus the octopus looks like it was squashed by the car. They took the classy BMW ads (with the horses) and stepped all over them, overdoing the idea.'s picture
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I don't like it, PS2 look-a-like try,
this is what happens when someone discovers CGI technologie.
but at the end it did not work for me, sorry

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Pretty uneventful. Sorry.

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infested car.

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Excelente pieza grafica, creo que el aporte visual es muy atractivo...Si uno hiciera el ejercicio y lo colocara en una galeria de arte grafica por lo menos yo pasaria unos 15 a 20 minutos admirando cada detalle del retoque, la integracion y toda la historia que hay detras del aviso...En cuanto el concepto mmmm...No difiere de lo que generalmente se hace en la categoria 4x4, es decir es el mismo concepto usado por años pero mirado de otra manera grafica...Eso si tiene un dejo al estilo de ps2 (la cabeza abierta), el de yamaha (ciudad rubik), one condon (germenes y metro) y bmw (ciudades) pero sabes que eso demuestra que tienen muy claro la mano grafica y eso ya es una escuela muy buena a nivel de arte lo que en lo personal me gusta mucho y si tanto el cgi, strata, 3dmax, photoshop cs2 o cs3 (sumale eso a ricardo salamanca y el talento del director de arte) sirven para mejorar y demostrar que una buena idea queda bonita, presentable y fina en sus detalles entonces para mi eso es un aporte muy importante a la direccion de arte...Muy buena pieza

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lo creo tambien...

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Dick Huges
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Poor animals. :-\

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My sentiments exactly. I can't help but feel ill for the poor animals.

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Tim Weasle
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WOW! How did they find animals that small. It must have been a pain in the ass to find one, let alone all of those.

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They got them from the WWF's little panda forest.

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OK I love this ad, i can't believe none of you got it. They placed a cheeta as the wheel to represent the speed of the car. They have many horses in the cage under the hood for the HP of the car, they have Octopus tanticle for the grip of the tires of the car and they have those hard headed animals as bumpers (i don't know their name). I'm sure all the other animals mean something else, but i'm not that good with car parts.

I love the ad... well done.

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Im on the same boat as you mate, It may not sell any 4wds but it sure looks wikd.

excellent detail.

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Check out the braaaaaains on Bigbird, i think you will find that we all got it but dont like it. Thanks for the explaination anyways.

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Sorry for you guys but this is a nice Ad.

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Bigbird....I don't get it how you didn't get it that it's not people didn't get it but they just didn't like it. Looks cool though, I agree.

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Well, I get what Bigbird's trying to make us get only that he doesn't get the fact that we all get what he thinks we don't get, it's just that we don't like what we get which he thinks we don't get.

Get it?


Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

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Animal Technology???
Weird... awesome art but strange idea.

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Last year cannes tv commercial for Toyota. Human Touch
Looks like the same idea but Animal Touch.

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Good effort but wasted

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i'm lovin' it. Gr8 execution.

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c'mon guys, some comments are very useless... I agree that the idea is not new, but the executione is great...

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interesting visual. borrowed interest.

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amazing ad, is like find to wally... so interesting!!!

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Visually gorgeous, but i've seen it before for PS2.

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it's good for me, but I think the horse, bull, cheetah need to emphasize larget while the rest like lion, kangaroo and condom tube need not to be there.

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Have Heart
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Nice details, brilliant execution, only the idea isn't outstanding.

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Love it!
Makes you spend time with the ad and explore, unlike the usual two second glance.
I like how it brings the car in a whole new light, kind of like a little ecosystem. I love the comparison to animal strengths.
Amazing visual.

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must have cost a billion dollars.

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it looks like the animal had destory part of the car before the car could get it.

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Excellent graphic job!! express a lot of things!

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Beautifuly art directed!!

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at the first sight i thought it's an old car had a rats on it's engine, it's a very failed idea

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i hear PETA calling...and banning this, animal cruelty. hehe anyways its a great execution, but its a weird concept, maybe they shouldve focused on just one animal in 3 pieces...maybe i dont know its just a suggestion.

"Keep it as simple as you can"