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June 2008


Print advertisement created by JWT, Venezuela for Amnesty International, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Guns put the innocent behind bars.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Venezuela
Photographer: Claudio Napolitano
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Yeah. Who's to say that the apartment isn't filled with sex offenders?

Weak execution. First Idea.

"Our factories make cosmetics. We sell hope." -M.Factor

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I would have at least used an image of a very nice residential home.

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Art Director
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Why would it have been better with a 'very nice residential home'? Are you saying that you would care more if the people who were affected were wealthy? This photograph is the reality for many people and their class should not affect the level of aid that they receive.

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I just had another look at this and to be honest I don't even understand it. "guns put the innocent behind bars". What does that mean? If you have a gun you will be put behind bars? I would say guns put you 6 feet under if anything.

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Art Director
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the idea is that since guns and violence exists around here, people put up bars so that they are safer in their own homes.

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of course! people who live in very nice residential homes must be the most honest and innocent people in the planet-

Why not the a bloody big outstanding Mansion? no one can't be more innocent than those who live in it...

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Creative Director at DDB Venezuela |

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Done like a trillion times...ambient aswell.

JWT Venezuela lives in the past.

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Quite really.

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JWT Venezuela -you're living in the past man!!!

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Yo no sé.. a veces me gsutaría ver los trabajos GENIALES de los tarados que critican los avisos de los demás....

Si la gente de JWT vive en el pasado... entonces los jurados de cannes de este año también, premiando puras vainas repetidas en vez de cosas nuevas como ésta...

no le paren bola....Hay que seguir poniéndole un mundo....

Redactor de publicis Venezuela ( yo no me refugio en el anonomato del internet)

I dunno, but Sometimes I'd really like to see all those fantastic and awarded job's that the people who spend their whole day critizing Have done... because I don't really see the point to it..

If they are living in the past... then the cannes juries are living there too... awarding a lot of rip-offs which had won cannes in the previous years...

Let's construct.... not destruct with our comments... ok??

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I am Venezuelan, and I understand and relate to these ads. I don't know if it's been done ( when? where?) but to me the idea it's pretty powerful and reflects a very sad reality of our country. A variety of executions would have created a better campaign though.

I agree with Manu23, there seem to be people here who enjoy being destructive, for destruction's sake, criticizing other people's work as if advertising was an exact science. I doubt that the display of this kind of stupid and immature behavior could have ever been the idea behind the creation of this site.

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