Tiananmen Square Crackdown

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June 2008

Print advertisment created by DDB, Denmark for Amnesty International, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Copenhagen, Denmark
Art Director: Gustaf Hultberger
Copywriter: Thomas Kolster
Photographer: Martin Juul

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Sorry, I'm a little slow this morning. Not sure I get it??

Fail Harder.

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Clever visual!

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Sorry, I'm a little slow this morning. Not sure I get it??

Fail Harder.

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great, clear and beautiful

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Please explain how it is any of these three things. It is certainly not clear to me. A tear running down a cheek painted with a flag? Ummm... is there an idea? What am i missing?

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The pictures is a (chineese)woman crying for the blood spilt in China, by the China Government. you twit. It wasnt that complicated

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Amazing! Really great

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superficial, do you really know what happened?

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Scam Detector
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Wow, flags again.

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To my knowledge, the left half of the face leaves higher emotional impact, and so showing it.

Nice job, however.

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wow! hats off!!

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Vigorous protest,The national flag is a symbol of the country and the nation。This is to slander China and the Chinese people,DDB need to apologize。

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Do you relly know what happened in 1989? Were you in Beijing at that monent? Why don't you make a ad for Holland's aggression in China in 19 centry?
what you are doing is Shameless and stupid!
Shut up and go away!!!

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Scam Detector
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If you got such a biased and opinionated view on the world around you I suggest you quit advertising.

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04.06.1989 ------ 08.2008 logicality is stupid!! ad is not show!

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"What? Sense of your comment not clearing." Try looking first at things that you write as comments my friend. Maybe even double-check?

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prajith kumar
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The national flag is a symbol of the country and the nation。

Fuck the 8countries in 19 centry.

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Did you remember the Eight Power Expeditionary Force in 19th?

I'll make some ads remind of denmark!

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nice ad with strong appeal

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The model is chinese?
i don`t think so!
chinese don`t do that

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Handsome Wong
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gain notoriety by shocking statement

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just kcuf DDB!!!

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You guys are so funny.
Actually you reveal an ignorance about the truth in 1989.
No one can represent other nationals to comment on their country.
Just view what the Chinese said.

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Scam Detector
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and what exactly is the truth then?

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Do you know what really happened? If you are in the PRC I very much doubt it. The party controls what people know. What truth is. In fact no one knows the death toll. 200? 2,000? The denial / hiding of the facts is rather the point.

Given that, this ad is shit. What's the fucking idea?

And this spate of 'anti-Chinese' ads will stop when China revokes a few ad agency licenses. Which they will. And the multi-nats will buckle like a student under the weight of a tank track. Ad agencies need China. China doesn't need us.

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wow the chinese people here are really getting wants an apology one wants to make ads on Denmark's 19th century activities in retaliation...why don't you relax and let it be?they aren't saying anything about the chinese people just one event...every nation has at least one event it's ashamed of...unless of course you aren't ashamed of Tiananmen Square

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China had done the rightthing, as independency and stability are the most important.
The students were just acted too over, and they were utilized by SOME NATIONS.

This is our business, just shut your fucking mouths.