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June 2008

Print advertisment created by TBWA, France for Amnesty International, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

After the Olympic Games, the fight for human rights must go on.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Paris, France
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Copywriter: Benoit Leroux
Art Director: Philippe Taroux
Photographer: Marc Gouby
Art Buyer: Barbara Chevalier
Account Supervisors: Anne Vincent, Tiphaine Ruault du Plessis

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Guest commenter

We do not trust you.
Who do you think you are? messiah?Save yourself first!'s picture
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very good.
what will they do out of the showers??

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Gee.. These ones are strong. Wonder if chinese government has seen 'em.

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technically these make pretty strong points, but wonder what TBWA/Paris got against olympic and Chn. government, esp. when the content of these photos r out of wild imagination and prejudice. Do they think anti-chn and anti-olympic kind of fashion now? i think it's passion misplaced...
To my italian friend upstairs,
do u really think China is same as ur movie fantasy, or just u, living ur boring life and fantasising evil about a country u barely know?

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it's Amnesty International who's got something on China, not the agency.

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Love it.

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This is just great. Love it. The whole campaign.
No wonder it earned a Bronze-Lion at Cannes.
Great great great work!!! Well done TBWA/Paris.

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Very powerful image, well done.

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no matter what u say
we keep walking
trying to be better

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TBWA\Paris, France,
let me disappoint!
u must let chinese government seen them.(i think the samething be up in u country!
Don`t blacken the Olympic Games.

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Disco Munky
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superguanzi is right. These shouldn't drag the Olympics into it.

This is about the Chinese government (and others, don't lie) and how they treat people.

The Chinese might torture you, but the Yanks'll shoot you in the face and torso about 52 times outside a strip club in Vegas.

"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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leaking bucket.
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I don't have a problem with them using the Olympics to get peoples attention.

The whole world will be watching and gaining an empression of what China is like during the Olympics. All is not as it seems...and we need to keep this in mind. And yes, many other countries abuse human rights as well, but China might be singled out these days just because of the attention the Olympics bring.

I think these are very effective and some good art direction. 8/10

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Really powerful campaign. China is the last place where organize the Olympic games if after we forget its real problem.

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superb art direction.

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i hate those amnesty hippies, i really do.

linking things together that ought not be linked to each other.

politics and sports? what the hell?

leave your ideology out of the stadium assholes.

other than that, great art. but i hate the concept, sorry. go bark up some other tree.

Quite really.

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uuu very good one!
Nice photo !

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Why is everyone blowing China out of proportion? Not that they aren't violating human rights. Human rights are violated everywhere in the world, and it will continue to be that way. Not that one shouldn't protest using all the means possible. But why speak of only China, Africa, India and so on? Wasn't Olympics conducted in USA? The blacks and American Indians there face a grimmer fate. Not inspired by anti-american sentiment.
And why do they mix sports and politics?

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my thoughts exactly. why is everyvody currently so hip on china's human rights violation? just because Richard Gere is buddhist-wannabe? there are countries that are doing it too.

great campaign by the way. strong visuals, beautifully done. but message is a sign of hipocrisy and ignorance.

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the blacks and american indians face a grimmer fate? you're out of your f*&^(ing mind.

stick to advertising. geopolitics isn't your thing.

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Disco Munky
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Oh I'm sorry. What are there, like 1,000 Native Americans alive? Yeah, they got it easy. What're those awesome places you set up for them to live in? Resorts? No wait, that's not it. Reservations, that's them. They aren't at all like a certain type of "camp" are they?

And what about those Blacks. They been voting since the sixties, so I don't know why they'd be seen as oppressed. Lucky bastards don't even have to pick cotton no 'mo. Dem's is livin' the sweet life, yes sir-e-bob. Hell, ya'll don't even get to throw them parties ya'll do no mo'. What're they called again? Lynchings? I'm not sure, is that what used to happen? Still does?! No way?! Yes way.

Stick to advertising mate. You seem to have a nack for ignoring the obvious.

"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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we're about to elect an african american president you idiot.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
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Are you really though?

Lying only makes you look worse at this point.

"stay alert, stay alive"

Doin' it for the points

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Maybe he will be elected as a 1st black US president but I dont think so that "they" let him be alive too long.

They=see history of US

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abrasive but impressive.. good work

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outstanding 10/10

big up

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"wer kämpft kann verlieren... wer nicht kämpft hat schon verloren", Berthold Brecht

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It's easy to see why there are so many ads about Human Rights in China.

China has been in the media a lot lately.

Its economy is getting bigger and everyone says it's the country of the future.

This campaign reminds people about other things that happen in China, that have nothing to do with the economic boom.

I like it.

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strong. very good.

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Good ads. Would benefit from a stronger call to action - unless of course the campaign is purely to raise awareness. In which case they're great ads.

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Cheap. These things don't mix. I like Vervroegen`s work a lot, but this is crap.

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son of beach! fuck tbwa paris! fuck Amnesty International!
if u guys go to china, i'll fuck u and then kill u.
u hurt my hearts.
great creative people won't do this kind of shit!

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Activity Score 834

But can you say you know everything about China?

It's a huge country, with lots of different areas.

You live in Shanghai, one of the super developed hip cities.

Go to the countryside to see what you'll find.

And your reaction to the ads doesn't do much to change the perception people have of your country.

Wake up and learn how to take some criticism.

No one is saying China is a bad country. They are just saying it has bad things that need to be changed.

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there is only thing i can make sure is that i know more than u about china.
so sorry, pls shut up.
there is no perfect coutry in the world.
chinese creative people never did this kind of works to hurt other country's people. coz chinese is not aggressive.
if u want to challenge the emotion of other nations, pls challenge youself first.
and don't think u r saving this world.
i understand your original intention. but you don't know you have already been used by political force.
don't think u r god.
can u challenge other religions?
you can not.
that's the same thing.
so, control ur mouth and brain. Make great ads.
and don't make this kind of shit.

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Activity Score 834

I've never said I knew more about China than you.

I'm just saying you don't know all about it.

I'm from Brazil and I'm humble enough to say that I don't know how everyone in this country lives.

No one is offending China as a country or its people.

They are just saying that are bad things that need to be changed.

You need to shut up and learn how to read.

No one is talking about religions or whatever.

You can talk all you want about China, but there are many bad thing about it. Especially concerning freedom of speech.

Many jornalists from other countries have their visas denied when they try to enter China.

Why? Because your government doesn't want people to say anything bad about it.

They even block websites and Google searches.

Now if you want to be a stupid and arrogant, go ahead. But don't expect everyone else to follow.

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Need not get so emotional, it is just a cheap way to get attension at most, worthy of no wrath. Some guys just want to provoke us into wrath to make their so called human right points, we Chinese r peace loving like most of rest of the world.

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before for make ads and comments, pls go to china and stay more than 10 years.
if you don't know the reallllll china, pls don't make shits from your mouth.

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I stayed in China for over 10 years, and I know that human rights violation is happening everyday!~

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But why after the Olympics. Aren't Human Rights more important than Olympics?

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Well one thing for sure is this ads promoting discussion, which is the point after all.

Shame is some of you 'creatives' seem to have out-of-date, uninformed, bigoted, ignoramus views (ansongu, sburns4).

'Life is a bed of roses, but you better watch out for the pricks'

We're going to need more lube.

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或许我们在这里只能说TBWA\Paris, France的无知,

iloschang's picture
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I lived in the PRC for some years, and Im pretty clear about the severe human rights violation in China! It is you, t.tian, should open your eyes and be compassinate to your own ppl!

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My problem is with the copy -- why should the fight for human rights take place only AFTER the Olympics? It should happen before, during and after.

And some silly comments were made as to why China should be singled out...

Well because by allowing China, a ruthless dictatorship, the opportunity to host the world's most prestigious sporting event you are choosing to ignore there horrendous human rights record, and in effect patting them on the back. Why single them out? Because the Olympic committee SINGLED China out to host it, and not any other country. A country where oppression of the people is a part of the government mandate.

Another silly comment mentioned that USA has a bad human rights record. But you cannot equate the two. USA doesn’t pursue state sponsored human rights violation. And more over it is a democracy. Where the people have a say. Not so in China.
The world community needs to act against all countries with governments that target its own population – and in particular governments that are not representative of the people. Countries such as BURMA, ZIMBABWE etc.

The Olympics is supposed to represent the best of human spirit. By allowing an oppressive regime like China to host it, you are undermining the very spirit of the event.

That’s why this advertising and other similar stuff done in this area is relevant and poignant.


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Fuck the TBWA\Paris, France!

Is there anybody really know the Chinese history? If u no,pls shut up!
Is there anybody come to China ever before? If u no,pls shut up!
If you want to see the realllll China?we glad to welcome u.

I'm the one of Leoburnett\Shanghai,China!

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i know a bit of chinese history, cause my wife is chinese, and we talk a lot about it,
i have been to china, and was very welcome by its people.

So what ?

Does it have something to do with the way the people who are in charge do things ? No.

People who are in charge do this kind of things, order them, or at least let it be the way it is.

There is no perfect country, France also has its critics by Amnesty about the violence made to women (see including some well known french actor).

So what ? Will i blame Amnesty for this film ? no way, cause this is important thing to be told. Campaign about violence made to women like this one give courage to people to talk.

So, now explain me a bit of a thing.

How come when someone say something about the chinese government, all chinese people think its against themselve ? individual people, and governement are two differents things, no ?

I know you have suffered great humilations at the end of 19th century, and that now you are on the verge to get back the place you deserve, but humilation does not give you the right to not criticize, (or let others people do so) a system which deserve it.

Last but not least, explain me also why France is the scapegoat for all the current things happening in between China and western countries right now ? Are you too afraid to go against USA or UK ? In the end, you try to fight against the weak, and not the strong.

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TBWA/Paris: still the best art directors in the world.

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fuck TBWA,fuck France!
fuck TBWA,fuck France!
fuck TBWA,fuck France!
fuck TBWA,fuck France!
fuck TBWA,fuck France!
fuck TBWA,fuck France!
fuck TBWA,fuck France!
fuck TBWA,fuck France!
fuck TBWA,fuck France!
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fuck TBWA,fuck France!
fuck TBWA,fuck France!
fuck TBWA,fuck France!
fuck TBWA,fuck France!
fuck TBWA,fuck France!

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why the whole country?

with this kind of attitude you're proving this ad right, you realize that?

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putin les français Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy, La France est une paye Bourée, C la merde !!!!!!

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putin les français Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy, La France est une paye Bourée, C la merde !!!!!!