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February 2008


Print advertisement created by Grey, China for Ambi Pur, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Beijing, China
Executive Creative Director: Chee Guan Yue
Creative Directors: Chee Guan Yue, Adrian Zhu
Art Directors: Zhi Guo Zhou
Copywriter: Zhi Guo Zhou
Retouchers: Zhi Guo Zhou
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axelk's picture

pretty cool. it took me a bit but i got it. though i'm not sure i would like a house without windows. but that's just me

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Have Heart's picture

Not a good approach to show the benefit. Would make more sense fpr lomh lasting light-bulbs. Not cool.

Have Heart
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Art Director
AANDREA's picture

Why 3????????????
Why 3?????????
Why 3??????????????

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amsterdam73's picture

Why even 1????

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Jon-Paul Mountford's picture

Didn't we see this exact same idea for a security company recently.
I recall a front gate with a bricked up door,it feels very familiar.

Jon-Paul Mountford
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Photographer |

Have Heart's picture

Yes, won a Cannes Lion.

Have Heart
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Art Director
Don Draper's picture

No, it's not the same idea. The exterior visual here only reminds us of that campaign, but the idea (attempting to be conveyed), is totally different. I hate these ads a lot. (and that's not the liquor talking.) This just goes to show you the fine line between Cannes greatness and lame crap.

Don Draper
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Creative Director
alvinpck's picture

And a campaign by Ikea, and a domestic violence, posted recently.


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Art Director
Wordnerd's picture

I'm lost.. what does that thing do?

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Kateter's picture

it's air-freshener. supposedly so good that you don't need windows to get a better air.

yeah, pretty lame.

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Wordnerd's picture

that's the thought behind this?? "You have a beautiful garden, but you don't need WINDOWS anymore cause you can as well SMELL the same if you stick this crap in your socket"?! oh god..

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jazarah's picture

reminded me of the public interest campaign for forced marriages in Switzerland, the visual featured houses without windows.

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amsterdam73's picture

Me too, but i also read that an idea like this won in Cannes... (see 3 posts above)

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Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

jazarah! What's with the verbal hemorrhage all of a sudden?
I didn't know you could write past two words!! ; D

Jet Propulsion Lab
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Morten's picture

It`s not often I see an ad and don`t get it. But congrats, you got me!
And thanks to those who explained it. This is too far away from the product. It has NO relevance to an air freshner. When you bricked up windows, the first thing you think is probably something about the view or security? Windows gone missing has no relevance to smell?!?

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Westerdals School of Communication - Art Direction |


Rekker's picture

doesn't work for me either
a lot of "déjà vu" feeling for me.


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creative |

Say no more...

monicamexico's picture

Nah. Isn't working for me.

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advertising ninja's picture

i thought its a bug repellent.. against mosquitos or somethin. maybe it should be super crappy houses, or some place smelly like a lockerroom, where you definitely would open a door or window.. but then there is airvents for that.. hard.

advertising ninja
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Art Director at brain, warsaw
Sally_Bison's picture

that is so boring i think ill wet myself.

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Freelance Art Director
inkfromthepen's picture

Nice art direction but the concept is weak. You'll live in darkness with no natural light but at least your air will be fresh?? Strange promise. Don't like these.

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