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This campaign represents everything i hate about advertising. Buy this and you'll be prettier. Buy this and your life will be better. Plastic, aspirational crap.

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I don't understand this. Somebody please explain to me?

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It means have your willy made bigger- or get the fat sucked out of your ass - and you'll be the boss instead of lower down on the food chain Yep, it's everything I hate about advertising too.

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Ivan you made a booboo, the copy reads "It will change more tan your body." it confused me!

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Thanks. I fixed it.

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the guy who comes in someones else family root map, now has his own big family?

is this what am thinking?
if yes then its the best in the campaign,very creative

love anything creative

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nope, its not about having his own big family. Its about being promoted in his job and instead of being in the bottom of the organization chart before the surgery, he becomes on top with other employees under him. Hence the print ad is called ALFA.

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me and u and all who is working while watching this ad will understand it...but if im not at work that time i won't get it

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Guto Araki
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Love the concept. It would make sense to successful middle age women who crave for higher positions inside the office. It's sexist but smart. Towards men, I think is genius, mainly if the boss is a woman.

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Plastic surgeons should be banned from advertising. This ad makes me want to spew.

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As ad people we know what kind of sick world we live in. I'm surprised people here are shocked by these. Get over it.

I think, therefore... yeah.