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December 2010

Print advertisment created by FP7, Oman for Al Mar'a, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Talk. To someone else. Don't encourage domestic violence.

Advertising Agency: FP7, Oman
Creative Director: Noufal Ali
Copywriters: Sree Rekha, Noufal Ali
Art director: Noufal Ali
Graphic Designer: Sanoop Ramachandran

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Domestic violence is real, emotionally charged and dark. These ads' depict attractive, fashionable woman in pristine environments. Disconnect.

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I love this visual!

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and i think your the designer of this campaign... stop self praise!

| everartz |

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This is much better than the copy in the kitchen. Still, since the audience is Oman, why not use locals in the photoshoots? It would connect more that way. Personalize the tragedy.

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why talk followed by dot then to someone else?
does it make sound like more important or something?

| everartz |

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Looks like FP7 Oman is asking for Fadi Yaish

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Done before :), I will send it to joe la pompe

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Never mind Joe la Pompe. Send a flame to the agency who thinks it's women's fault they get battered. Saying "Don't encourage domestic violence" to a woman with a broken face is saying "It's YOUR FAULT I HIT YOU."

These people should cry they made this. Really cry. Never mind 'personalise the tragedy' (though that's a valid thought, given the right direction), these fuckers should just be ashamed at making this ad.

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from the thumbnail.. i thought this is an ad for Snoring prevention.
Sorry this add can be for Snoring medicines also..

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Could be for people who snore in bed.

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.