Airmail, 1

April 2007
Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar, Germany
Creative Directors: Paul Fleig
Executive Creative Directors: Wolfgang Schneider, Mathias Stiller
Copywriter: Paul Fleig
Account Director: Andreas Jeutter
Designers: Dominic Stuebler, Mario Loncar
Account Supervisors: Frank Lotze, Frauke Schmidt, Nina Weinmann
Photographers: Peter Schumacher, Thomas Baumann
Retoucher: Jorg Macha
Marketing Manager: Dirk Ude

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Activity Score 20

OK, this I don't get. Is it possible for those submitting the work to include some sort of rationale or brief, especially for copy-free ads as this? The execution is interesting, but I'm finding it hard to connect the visual to DHL's Airmail service. Overall, I get a few negative implications; a) DHL's airmail is as flimsy as a paper aeroplane b) easily flammable and c) fly-by-night. Or maybe I'm having an off day. Help? Anyone?

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Activity Score 1947

Possibly it says sth. like "sending an airmail is as easy as throwing a paper plane"

spiderbear's picture
Activity Score 20

Ah, but that would mean it could land anywhere, right? Or nowhere at all. If that's the case, I'm sticking to email. Thanks for the insight though.

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Activity Score 34

Sinceramente creo que los comentarios de spiderbear son tremendamente exagerados. POR DIOS!!!!
La campaña está bien lograda, quizás lo único es que desarrollaron muchas piezas y con dos o tres bastaba.

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Activity Score 1645

you know what, I actually don't hate this one, there's something very cute about airmail in the form of paper airplanes.

... its already been done...

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Activity Score 72

i think the idea is great but it's to much about letters instead of packages/boxes you can send by airmail. This makes the message a bit out of time...

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Activity Score 172

Nice shot. I see technical issues with the image. (see next in series for comments.) Could be more effective.

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Guest commenter

DHL sends not letters – they send packages.

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re "DHL sends not letters – they send packages"

They do send letters; any size of mail, really.

Of even greater relevance, a few days ago DHL were trying to sell me on having the establishment I work for using them instead of Royal Mail to send air mail, so perhaps this advert relates to them competing directly with Royal Mail and their overseas equivalent for the air mail market.