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rotfl. this is seriously cool stuff.

(And yes, I am fawning like a schoolgirl. But..)

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This idea takes some thinking - almost too much to grab most people within 3-5 seconds. We are designers, for the most part, so we look for the subtlties and cleverness in the piece, however, not all consumers will get it. I think the execution could be better.

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3-5 seconds? Heh? This is a print ad, isn't it?

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isn't that's all the time u have in most of the advert, including print...
now even same for some of the awards show i guess, too many thing to see in this era
u either impress in the glimpse or never

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Good idea. But I agree execution could be much better.

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sanju ayyar
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Definitely not as exciting as the previous stuff. But not bad either. It gets tougher when the set benchmarks are high. ]
But hey, I still like it.

Life is harsh. Your tequila shouldn't be.

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hey! there's one more 7 on the pack. quite daring but fails to make sense to me.