December 2008

This is a submission for the AotW-R competition.

Our Big Idea: Research has its rewards. Ads of the World Research is not simply a place to find other people's ideas, but a place to help you find your own. Knowing the direct competition, the category, and the message environment of a region--all of these are crucial reasons why Creatives should do their research; to find their own, award-winning, big idea. This led us to a tag that captures the reasons for using your service: "Ideas come to you."

The idea translates to a flash banner campaign as well. We imagined the keywords popping up until they form the trophy image, and then the information and logo are revealed. The actual keywords you use to form the award image can be changed to reflect your targeted media placement.

Art Director: Jason Rapport
Copywriter: Dylan Klymenko

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good showing tha mature brand of ads weblog

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Its seems this campaign promotes copying...

Zeta59's picture

Wallcore3 > I agree...
And, why using red color ? It hurts :/

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we each have our own process, so this may only apply to me, but looking at what has already been done has only really helped me to kill ideas. pouring over an annual for inspiration seems to produce more concept remixes than it does fresh ideas. this campaign also places a heavy focus on awards, which more often than not hurts the work, and consequently the client. however, in this case AOTW-R is the client and this strategy is sound: targeting the award blinded, who skip over the important stuff like children opening a box of cereal, hunting for that prize. i can honestly see that segment being the heavy user group for this service. it just bugs me that this strategy could work. if it did, then it would solve the problem of increasing usage, but by speaking to those whose main problem is that they never have enough awards. my gut says no to this, but it's still good thinking, and probably my favorite so far.

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Wallcore3 and Zeta59

I believe your thought on this campaign might be slightly myopic. I don't think they are promoting copying, I think they are simply stating that with AOTW-R you can keep an eye on your competition, be inspired by your peers and be sure that you are NOT copying them...or re-using something that's already been done.

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Activity Score 770

good showing tha mature brand of ads weblog