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August 2008

Print advertisment created by TBWA, Netherlands for Adidas, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: 180\TBWA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Dean Maryon, Paulo Martins, Carlos Furnari

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Jessica Faye
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Hey there

I'm a grad art director at the AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town, South Africa.. I'd love to intern at an agency in Perth, Australia in January 2009. Does anyone have a cousin, who has an uncle, who has a neighbour, who happens to work in an ad agency and is willing to give me a shot for a few weeks...

Thanks, chow :)

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Try posting that in the Forums, Jessica.

But I think you'll have better luck if you just start emailing some agencies in Perth.

Good luck!

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Scam Detector
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Great photography. Refreshing.

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Ivan, your source was banned? Did u see that?

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Great photography!

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these are a snooze fest. but they do capture the beijing pollution quite accurately.

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Crisp One
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noticed that too, well from what been told on tv

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I liked the other photo and gives art direction, the art director had great sensitivity in the choices of photos and direction.
This job has some "BRAZUCA"?
Keep it up guys.

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Good photography and good poem with a little run-on-lines.

It would be better if this person is wearing his national uniform. But I guess not all countries are sponsored by adidas.

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great photograpy... excellent campaign!!!