August 2008

Print advertisment created by The Art Institute of California, United States for AAA, within the category: Professional Services.

We'll save you.

Advertising School: The Art Institute of California, San Diego, USA
Art Director: Jose Eslinger

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Disco Munky
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Talk about cheap.

"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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esto es un boceto verdad?

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Los reflejos están pouestos mal en las tres

un desastre

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A dark cross means more death than life. Maybe "salvation", but it's getting weird.

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Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
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oops indeed. That one is better than this.

When was that one done?

It seems odd how we see the same ideas for the same type of products from different agencies over and over again.

What gives?

"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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I'm pretty sure we can't accuse them of copying! This has been done as part of a campaign and it's still a good idea.

Coming up with ideas that have been done before happens to us all. It's just unfortunate that sometimes we don't realise until it's too late.

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Hey everyone, don't forget to check the credits so that you know when you're looking at student work.

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this is "jacked" up! (couldn't resist)

i like the thinking, but RE: oops (above) it has been done before (which is a deal breaker).

also, a little worried how middle-america would react. this seems like the green light for a bible-thumping field day. luckily, since it is student work, i think you have a better chance of pleasing a creative director. the tag and concept are simple and solid, they just need to be called upon once more to generate an execution that the world has not yet seen. good job.

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Overall, this is pretty nice work.

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If the product has nothing to do with religion, why on earth would you want to bring religion into the equation? That's just nuts.

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Lateral thinking.
Besides, why not.

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That's exactly what I thought: "Why not?"

I did think about the problem it could cause, but I thought the idea was worth enough for it to be, well, worth it. I guess it causes people to talk about it, like you just did, so it can make an impression. Btw, I'm Catholic so I'm one of the first people it could potentially piss off. But the way I see it is its just a fun little idea I saw when I looked at the tire-iron and like Kris said, I thought: "Why not."

Oh and I'm not trying to defend the work, I know people will like it and others will HATE it, that's what its about I guess. What I am trying to do is explain my thinking behind this. Someone in this industry taught me to just sit back and take in all critique and not try to defend every single thing someone says. That looks bad...

Thanks again.

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lame and old

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Clief Kole
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Welcome to the world of Advertising...a lote has been done before you got here,try and be different let people talk about it positively not negatively.This one was done way back.

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who is the illustrator?? oh my god !