Pest control

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October 2008

Outdoor advertisment created by GSD&M, United States for Yellow Pages, within the category: Media.

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Advertising Agency: GSD&M Idea City, Austin, USA
Creative Director: Mark Taylor
Group Creative Directors: Brent Ladd, Steve Miller
Creative Director: Bryan Pudder
Art Director: Matthew Barker
Copywriter: Stephen John

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yes, for yellow pages, you do realise its the same company right?

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Guest commenter

come on guys, it looks photoshoped

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Guest commenter

Oh my God, the horror! It looks photoshopped! What a constructive critique you managed to put together there.

It's a good idea and I like the execution, photoshop or not. It conveys the Yellow Pages brand and benefit and does so in the 3 seconds a good billboard ad requires.

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And there were the same remarks of "being photoshoped". People never learn...

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yes, for yellow pages, you do realise its the same company right?

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Guest commenter

it's not their world concept, it's been done by a different agency in a different country

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Y&R Israel came up with this concept. I think the idea has been sold to "Yellow pages" to be used world wide. As for the original being photoshopped, I've seen them around. They were actually done and done well.

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it is photoshoping

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So if I use photoshop then am not advertising? I think the question should be if the ad works, if it makes the point it was put out there to make.

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Ed Mintone
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I think it was photoshoped

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Gosh, y'think it might have been photoshopped?

I'm not so sure, myself. If it was, it's very well done, particularly in matching the aged iron of the existing structure. Sure that's easily done, but what do you do when you're putting it up on a great big, brand new billboard? Retouch again? It'd be easier to print this on some kind of substrate like 1/4" plastic, cut the holes, and mount it in sections.

The concept is old as the hills: the big exterminator companies were using this as billboards twenty years ago, but it's still nicely done.

EDIT TO ADD: No, it wasnt Photoshop work, folks. Compare the upper right corner to the one seen in the handyman ad.

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it was not photoshopped. the final art guys used corel draw.

The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. -- Pablo Picasso

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Normally i don't comment on "bad*" work at adsoftheworld, but you guys with your "photoshopped" discussion you made me laugh...tks for this great moment!!!(like a book reader discussing the quality of the paper of the book & not the quality of the story/writing, etc)

Concerning this ad, nothing relevante > just ok.

*bad work on adsoftheworld is still best world work.... so, ok is good, nice is great and so on!!!

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Ambuj Saxena

The title of the post says "Pets control" while the ad is about "Pest control".

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I dont know... I really dont know, because it seems photoshped and also already done many times before.

la verdad no lo se... no solo se mira fotoshopeado y además creo que se ha realizado varias veces


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These billboards are all around the area I live in and I can assure you that they're photoshopped. :)

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Forget all that photoshop stuff - at least get the TITLE at the top of the page correct! PETS? Control...

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I have a couple of termites that I've raised on my own. Jack and Jackie. They're so adorable. They just NEVER stop eating pieces of wood I feed them. I can't wait 'til they get big enough so I can take them out for a nice walk in the park someday...

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People of the world! please read this link and Stop saying photoshopped!:

Arnold Santillan

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CORRECT: The image was enhanced using Adobe® Photoshop® software.



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Avoid arguing with idiots, from a distance no one can tell who's who.

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Pest Control to stop bullet holes?

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Guest commenter

Yes, it's been done. It won a pencil for a pest control company from Seattle in the one show over 20 years ago. Study your history and you'll see. The photoshop discussion is idiotic. worry first about the idea. If you like it, then worry about execution. If you hate the idea, who gives a damn about the execution.