Sun dial

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May 2010

Outdoor advertisment created by McCann, Canada for Xbox, within the category: Gaming.

Dark is Deadly

Advertising Agency: MacLaren McCann, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Sean Davison, Scott Couture, Gary Lennox
Art Directors: Arron Isaac, Ben Playford
Copywriters: Natalie Greenspan, Bill Schaefer
Photographers: LSD Photographers
Illustrator: LSD/ JP Goulet Group

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Jakarta Jack

The MacDonald's sun dial was better.

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yea am with u & this one is good too

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I like this idea, nice one..


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This one is better if not copied from there

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

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Positive: The medium is the message with this ad.
Negative: Little original thought. It's been done MANY times. Agency for sure knew it.

1) McDonald's - Better idea.
2) Sun Chips won a bunch of awards, and was done by another Toronto agency.

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Okay, one more time: sun dial is not an idea, not a concept. It is an empty box that you can fill with anything. Or a tool - like a hammer, you can build many things with it. "We have food for every period of the day" has nothing to do with "When the sun goes down, you will be dead".

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Another smart play on light/dark, with "Dead" reached as sun sets. Works for me.

That's it.

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I think you folks don't really understand how appropriate to the video game this ad is. The game's concept is that there is supernatural evil in the dark. So this ad simply and creepily gets that impending nightfall idea across brilliantly. A warped "M" showing that McDonalds has lots of food is nowhere near as on target to the product as this ad is.

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is soooo Mc Donalds .....

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yup mcd better