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April 2011


Production Company: Oh, Hello!

Outdoor advertisement created by Cole & Weber, United States for Washington Lottery, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: Cole & Weber, USA
Executive Creative Director: John Maxham
Associate Creative Director: Todd Derkson
Senior Copywriter: Jesse Dillow
Executive Producer: Pete Anderson
Integrated Producers: Tasha Cronin, Aylin Koker, Matt Ralston
Account Managers: Britt Peterson
Business Strategist: Brea Stevens
Project Manager: Lindsey Lower
Illustrator / Designer: Sasha Barr
Digital Production: BKWLD
Executive Producer: Dave Brown
Sound Design: Pure Audio
Sound Designer: Scott Weiss
Director: Dan Brown
Executive Producer: Nate Barr
Editor: Chris Ophoven
Sound Design: Clatter & Din
Sound Designer: John Buroker
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Billoughsby's picture

No one sweats the quality of lottery advertising because they will forever have a captive audience (everyone tired of being a wage slave) that buys their product no matter what.

So I'll give this series this much: lottery ads don't usually look or feel as good as this.

Not a bad job, ladies and gentlemen.

Activity Score 5150
Art Director |

That's it.

atb2005's picture

Their previous campaign for the Washington Lottery was very good too. Delightful ads indeed.

Activity Score 13557
Boxey's picture

not bad

Activity Score 8879
Melaleuca In-House
Hellas's picture

not bad, but you need a pen not a pencil!

Activity Score 1172
Student |

"I don't live in Greece, Greece lives in me..."

janfagernas's picture

Best of the bunch in my book. The visual style in the series is a nice departure from most lottery visuals.

Activity Score 27
Art Director at Is Good Creative