Attention Hipster Doofuses

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August 2012

The Hunt Adkins Creative Team came up with what could be the longest copy billboard in history: a tongue-in-cheek message to the hipster doofuses of Uptown, Minneapolis.

Outdoor advertisment created by Hunt Adkins, United States for Urban Eatery, within the category: Food.

ATTENTION HIPSTER DOOFUSES: Sorry about that, but it’s not easy getting the attention of people who reject mainstream consumerism like billionaires reject tax overhaul. Here’s the thing: Do you ever wake up in your designer platform bed in your urban loft, shuffle over to your espresso machine and wonder: Is this all there is? Day after day of wearing ironic vintage tee shirts and searching the Internet for nu rave techno rap bands from Uzbekistan? Don’t you wish you could let your androgynously cut hair down, wear some not-quite-so-painfully-skinny jeans and kick back and watch the (legal in all 50 states version of) grass grow? Not to get all marketingy, but at Urban Eatery you can take a break from looking vaguely disinterested in everything while wearing your favorite organic fedora. We use fresh ingredients from local farms and offer free valet parking—and free is nice if you have one of those hipster liberal arts degrees. So why not take some time out of your busy schedule of wrestling with existential angst and drop by Urban Eatery. After a hard week of conforming to nonconformity, you’ve earned it.

Advertising Agency: Hunt Adkins, Minneapolis, USA
Creative Director: Doug Adkins
Art Director: Steve Mitchell
Copywriter: Doug Adkins
Production: Rich Gonzales

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redpen's picture
Activity Score 3

who cares if there is too much copy, its advertising all about breaking the rules sometimes?!

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bate_palmas's picture
Activity Score 1479

Meh. The copy just feels too angry. I don't know if im a hipster or not, but all I think when I read this is "someone needs some love"

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 51044

TOOOOOOOOO much copy...

redpen's picture
Activity Score 3

who cares if there is too much copy, its advertising all about breaking the rules sometimes?!

bate_palmas's picture
Activity Score 1479

The amount of copy doesn't bother me at all. And it's well-written.

I just don't see what the point of it is. It's angry and doesn't make me want to go inside. I

All it makes me think of is the guy who wrote it. Sitting there, rocking back and forth, hating those hipsters.

brookjohnston's picture
Activity Score 296

Hipster restaurant attacks hipsters, inadvertently attracting hipsters in the process.

Classic hipster move.

vanderleun's picture
Activity Score 71

Hey, hipsters need to die of face AIDs so what's the problem?

Alexis-Chellito's picture
Activity Score 111

I like the choice of medium/look. But the copy fails; it is either too naive or too off-mark. It ridicules some hipster quirks but then uses similar cliches to market "organic food".

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Activity Score 42

Hipsters doesn`t read things for hipsters, because hipster they never say, Hey dude, Im a Hipster!... maybe, some like: free bicycle parking or some like that...