Water vs Land

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August 2009
Toyota Outdoor Ad -  Water vs Land


Outdoor advertisement created by Dentsu, Indonesia for Toyota, within the category: Automotive.


Toyota 4X4 HILUX

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative Director: Toni Frieza
Art Directors: J. Elias Marendra
Copywriters: J. Elias Marendra
Illustrators: Hendry Sutamrin
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jackmancer2017's picture

I love the art, AND the idea, but why do it with sand/water? Could have been so much better I think with road next to mud or somethin, now it looks like it can ride on water. That's what I'm getting from this.

Guto Araki's picture

I'm not sure... I guess the idea is to make the water look like the sky aswell... like... beach and mountains... maybe.

Guto Araki
Activity Score 158
Creative Director at fluor / Ponto de Criação
WillyLatasa's picture

Agree, is an amphibious truck?

Activity Score 616
Art Director at |

"Bright ideas bring better results"

Dwandra's picture

two world 4x4 vehicle?

Activity Score 8
Art Director at Dentsu Indonesia
kamilwoojcik's picture

I think its like, hilux with sea and hilux with mountains (when you turn it).
Nice art.

Activity Score 139
WSZMiJO, Katowice, Poland
Brain-Art's picture

It's different but not ok. Not convincing

Activity Score 1101
Graphic Designer
yousef.k's picture

i agree its not convincing... the art is good and beautiful but advertising is not just art. plus its hard for people to understand the message without an ad-person explaining it.

Activity Score 91
Copywriter at Drive Communications
blueturtles's picture

it's not just art. there is a concept behind it. i think it works well. when you see it in water, doesn't mean the water is 10 feet deep. just means it can run on water. when you see it upside down, you know it works in mountains. you must be a difficult client. :)

Activity Score 239
Art Director at BBDO
mrckais's picture

so, it can ride on wather? or what am i missing?

Activity Score 417
Art Director |


silvi's picture

You can ride everywere you like, This is the idea. And i think it´s brilliant and simple.

Activity Score 4172
Jay121's picture

looks like one product of the shortbread producer "bahlsen" germany... google it and see what i mean...

Activity Score 58
Jay121's picture

looks like one product of the shortbread producer "bahlsen" germany... google it and see what i mean...

Activity Score 58
sandhya rao's picture

Idea is ok but execution is geeky i feel...did'nt like it

sandhya rao
Activity Score 217
Dwandra's picture

some kinda Visual Ambigram?

Activity Score 8
Art Director at Dentsu Indonesia
art.vs.commerce's picture

bit too simple I think. Aren't you telling me what I expect from a 4 wheel drive that it can drive on different terrains?. Bit like telling me telephones are for making calls. I find this boring.

Activity Score 566
Art Director
art.vs.commerce's picture

this is a a category ad. What is the point of difference being demonstrated?

Activity Score 566
Art Director
naseer's picture

didnt get the idea... although i like the art, could hang it on my living room wall.

Activity Score 57
Photographer at al boom advertising
Jakarta Jack's picture

This idea should have been done 25 years ago. It would have made some impact back then.

Another thing, published August 2009. Where??? 100x30mm on page 23 of the local newspaper in Bagansiapi-api?

Jakarta Jack
Dwandra's picture

agree.. it might be made impact 25 years ago, but at least they made the idea turns into an ad; not only a negative and sceptic comment like you did.. :)

Activity Score 8
Art Director at Dentsu Indonesia
Jakarta Jack's picture

We all turn ideas into ads. That's our job. I'm negative and skeptic when an ad deserves it. Being positive about half-arsed ads is lying to the people who made it. Reality is what pays your salary, not idealism.

Jakarta Jack
fakesuperhero's picture

I agree on jakarta jack, me myself have never seen this in any newspaper magazine or any media. So if dentsu don't want any sceptic or negative comments let them upload at least scam that's good. Its seems lately that dentsu is only in it for the awards so everybody can boost up there portfolio. But well deserved awards are not scam made advertisements. So if they want to win let them think of a real campaign that has been published for real which real people see.

Activity Score 10
Art Director at DDB
NomadDCLXVI's picture

I can imagine Hilux customer, but I cannot imagine what exactly this ad wants to say to them.
May be only some wtf.

Activity Score 441
Creative Director |


anHiiieeta's picture

its wonderful. thumbs up.

Activity Score 328
Art Director
restless_r's picture

very interesting

Activity Score 275
Art Director
Pombooie's picture

WTF? It's blown my mind, but not for the right reasons!

Activity Score 407
jazzringz's picture

sorry.. but cant get it??

Activity Score 104
Art Director at TBWA
AssassinX's picture

I dont understand...

Activity Score 1329
Guest's picture

looks like a gestalt approach for me. nice idea

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