The children are waiting, 1

December 2012

An independent Social Project created by two photographers Sergey Polishuk founder of "The Road to Children" childcare fund, Dima Gushchin - an advertising photographer and Daria Agapova - group head at BBDO MOSCOW. The idea was to raise awareness of the problem of large number of children that have been abandoned by their parents or have no parents and low number of child adoption in Russia. The social project was approved by the Russian government and 132 billboards and city formats have been provided by the government of Moscow in december 2012 to support the project. Prints illustrate real abandoned children from Russian social childcare institutes that have been placed in magical/imaginative worlds, but even there they are still waiting for their parents to return or be adopted by new families. Animated web page was created to support the project through internet activity and social networking

Creative Director: Dima Gushchin
Director / Producer: Sergey Polishuk
Art Director / Copywriter / Illustrator: Daria Agapova
Style & makeup: Louiza Potapova
Cardboard art: Anastasia Vinogradova

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