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And the saga continues... Nice.

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

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Wow..its really just an awesome ad..'s picture
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Crisp One
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john ler
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Congrats !

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huh great ! Really nice idea.

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Great idea! Glückwunsch!

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clever! nice.

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clever. nice.

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Audrius Kubrik
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the jag, mercedes and that little acne one are the products of the same big company, right? or...

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No, they're not. Smart and Mercedes-Benz are brands of the Daimler company, but Jaguar isn't.


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leaking bucket.
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Nice, but what a tough media buy. I doubt this is real and if so, Mercedes and Jag need to have a bit of a chat to their media buying department.

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Great! Excellent work.

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Frits Harkema
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Cool, but in the Netherlands you would have been taken to court by Mercedes and Jaguar. So, I assume it was done once and at one place only. For festval purposes only. That makes it a bit less good.

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Why? The billboard don't say anything about Mercedez or Jaguar.

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yes, why?

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Congrats. Supi! 8/10.

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Senhora Kolossa
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wtf? seems to be a pupils comment!

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I don't really like it.

The concepts looks good, but taken to real, it is not vicible enough and its hard to perceive, since you must to stop in front of the mini ad to see what's is there. It could have been a small space, but more eyecatching, in order to attarct you to see between the two other ads

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Senhora Kolossa
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very smart.
i mean, the product.

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when there is a benz at the left,who the ll see any other car?

love anything creative

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David Hasselblad
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I like it so much I don't care if only advertising people will ever notice it..

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Mindhunter: is this for reall in terms of the cars having adjacent billboards, this looks alittle fake, if it is.......... really what are the media guys doing.


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Pretty good media idea... though I think I would have walked past it without realising.

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Very clever idea.

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For this one place, it is nice.
You will not find many other adequate places for this idea.
For awardshows ok, real life no.

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Alistair C.
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clap, clap, but too small to notice, in my opinion.

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Luiza Lucky
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It looks fake to me.
The idea is brilliant, however... one would only notice this mini-billboard by luck.
(and it gets a little harder with a Mercedes next to it haha)

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7elwa ya kharma ;)

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This is a typical example of people awarding a prize to something for being creative which is probably about as effective in tangible terms as a wet flannel. If I was the PM on this brand I'd reject this ad outright as IT WON'T GET NOTICED. Is there any evidence (advertising effectiveness research?) that the ad actually a) achieves good awareness b) fulfils messaging objectives.

If so, then give it a prize!

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nice , but why mercedes

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Ok, now would the Smart people also buy the two competitor's billboards which are MUCH bigger, giving them free ads??

A 'smarter' execution would be to place some fake ads for fake cars sandwiching the SMART. What do you think?

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This "idea" is a winner!

I would just like to see how this campaign is executed across magazines, other billboards, etc. If it can keep the spirit of the campaign and is executed differently/correctly in each enviroment...

SMART, you have a campaign that could have AMAZING staying power.

imagine watching a mercedes commercial and a SMART ad slowly creeps in?

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"imagine watching a mercedes commercial and a SMART ad slowly creeps in?"

As it's the same company, and they deliberately didn't launch the SMART under the Mercedes umbrella brand, they're not likely to do that! Cannibalisation...

Basically the idea is nice, but it's a publicity stunt and just a concept on paper.

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great.. visual speak for its self..

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You're all missing the point. This was done just for the come on!

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